N&K TRADING INC - N&K TRADING INC - Fraud by Importer, Drop Shipper, and many alias dealer

Posted on Saturday, April 6th, 2013 at 5:28pm CDT by Loki ..

Product: small electronics and other items


Location: 1980 US HIGHWAY 1, Building #3

URL: http://www.tmart.com

Category: Computers, Software

note: This is the same complaint also filed under N & K GROUP LLC (with a few added notes). That one is their official corporate name in NJ records, and this one uses their name as filed in NJ tax registration records. Alibaba lists Mr. Randy Chen as CEO, at Telephone: 0-347-566-1666 That appears to be a NYC based Google Voice number, that he may forward to other personal or office numbers (but preceded by one, not zero, from the USA). There is a state index record of a corporate name change in 2008, but details aren't viewable online.


My purchase of a fraudulent label laptop battery, that was also a minor manufacturing defect, from an Amazon drop ship reseller, led to noticing a company operating with many names itself, plus via third party victim dealers. This complaint lists the official corporate name obtained searching Secretary of State legal records.

Products with a sticker that has "YALL" followed by a number, or sold via TMall.com, are easy to identify as this company. Unfortunately, most people who buy unsafe, defective, or fraudulently labelled items via drop ship sellers will not know this source until they see a shipper address as listed above. Test any products carefully, and file complaints while eBay, Amazon, or charge card fraud protections are still in force, not after noticing products fail early and never performer properly, or had safety issues like examples below.

This company is a classic case of stereotypes against "Chinks" not being bigotry, but sadly, a national norm that harms honest Chinese, when it's common for some of their businesses to consider it normal to sell products with blatant frauds of many forms, and documents that support those frauds as if product specs.

A check of a Pacific Rim escrow trading source, and NJ corporate records, show the real company using many online names of its own, plus drop shipping via TMart.com (its own dba) and a huge range of third party victim dealers on eBay and Amazon:


"NNK Trading Co. Ltd established in November, 2012 in NJ of Unite Stated, is both an international trading corporation which bases its business model on e-commerce platform and an enterprise group engaged in software development services."

Mr. Randy Chen, contact

Legal Form: Private Orgnization

Registration No.: 0400465744

Issuing Authority: New Jersey DOR

Applicant Information

Name: Xiao Bai (Daisy) Li

Job Title: Business Relationship VP


Business Name -- Entity ID -- City -- Type -- Original Filing Date

N & K GROUP LLC 0600260590 NORTH BRUNSWICK LLC 02/2006

Several of their dba aliases do not show up as registered, as required by NJ law, but this does appear to be a NJ corporation that can be prosecuted for criminal and civil fraud by the NJ Attorney General, and subjected to US Customs, FTC (consumer fraud, by mis-labelling, and selling home audio equipment with fraudulent spec's), FCC (for some electronics lacking Part 15 certifications), and other regulatory investigations and penalties.

Note that the terms at the bottom of their www.TMart.com site claim they're not responsible for items that have false spec's. What arrogant lies, as if they import and sell in the US, that's patently not true, and they need help with that lesson.

Their Web site lists a LOT of battery packs claiming 2600 mAH LiIon cells (in series/parallel), that are likely manufacturing reject 4400 mAH cells with more than 10% below that actual capacity. (That's what they shipped me.)

They list a 120 watt USB powered speaker set, noting that USB ports have 2.5 watts available.

They list several home stereo amps, and obviously fake spec's, an area of law with fairly specific legal standards due to historic use of odd condition spec's by US companies that weren't even the kind of outright fictions this company sells.

They list some small harmonicas, that are actually nice (but overpriced) items (of which I've given several from other sources to friends). However, they list them as good for kids, despite small parts that are exactly what triggers CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) mandated recalls. Adults only items, or kids over 5 or 10.

This company is also very sleazy towards its own drop shippers. They contract to not use packaging or invoices that identify their brand, but they insert flyers for TMart into drop shipments for 3rd party sellers.

Also of note, is that their corporate existence dates from 2006, but their Alibaba info states they were new in Fall 2012. This company needs a shitstorm of consumer complaints to state and Federal regulators, and to see major shipments of fraudulently labelled merchandise seized by Customs, plus to face penalties from state and Federal fines and prosecutions.

The main problem for customers is that they use so many names, and act as a drop shipper for even more, that they're hard to identify before making a purchase.

At least now everyone has the real name of the company involved, whose corporate officers can be identified, and for use in any legal actions or complaints with relevant government law enforcement.




Registration No.: 0400465744




Taxpayer Name: N&K TRADING INC

Trade Name:

Address: 1980 US HIGHWAY 1


Certificate Number: 1689727

Effective Date: January 23, 2012

Date of Issuance: April 06, 2013


Noted on their Import/export site, but not on their US retail one, noting both offer international shipments, is this and similar LASERs:


That kind of product is illegal to sell in the USA, Europe, and other places that have LASER safety requirements for labels identifying higher power devices as such, safety interlocks, or licensing of sales and users as competent to not seriously injure someone. It's legal to sell here only with FDA & FCC specified technical and regulatory compliance and functions that unit and others similarly listed clearly do not have.

That makes at least 5 US Federal agencies, plus state prosecutors, who have jurisdiction to teach this company some lessons.


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Loki .., 2013-04-06, 05:55PM CDT

I should have been more clear on battery tech details, rather than try to save words in an already long post.

What I bought was spec'd as 5200 mAH 11.1 VDC. That's a 2 sets in parallel, of 3 cells in series pack, that should have had 2600 mAH individual cells (x6).

What I received (in a chipped pack with sensors read by diagnostic software) said it was designed as a 4400 mAH pack (IOW, 2 sets of 2200 mAH cells in parallel), but was actually only 3900 mAH (11% below that spec, that Sony oem packs generally exceed when new by 5-10% to meet spec's after minor aging). IOW, the individual cells were minor manufacturing rejects, of a capacity 2-3 sizes below what the pack I bought had listed online, and printed on its case, and on the box label. That's not an accident or just poor quality control, but intentional fraud with malice. The TMall (drop shipper dba of N & K) disclaimer about liability for false supplier spec's suggests it's knowing and intentional fraud.

The same site has hundreds of similar battery packs for various laptops, mostly listed as 5200, and some high capacity as 7800 mAH (3 sets of cells in parallel, mostly times 3 in series (10.8 or 11.1 VDC, some 4 in series (14.8 VDC)).

Online consumer reporting sites show other customer problems with battery orders shipped from this same source, suggesting the underlying US importer knowingly buys products that would be perfectly legal to sell were they marked and sold as "4400 mAH" (or "6600 mAH" for high capacity), AND marked as "minor manufacturing defects, near but not at rated capacity". Instead, they perpetrate fraud and sell product as if premium high capacity when it's not.

Other product issues raised I haven't inspected actual product. However, it's obvious noting spec's not possible within laws of physics, or product safety or misrepresentation details governed by US legal standards, to know that other examples cited involve frauds and in some cases serious risks of injury to adults or children.

95df1637, 2013-10-16, 05:01AM CDT

i too have been ripped off by this company, i live very close to thier warehouse, (a short 30min drive into weston-super-mare) upon reaching the warehouse(Londe), i had a word with the only 2 persons, who could speak poor english, about the batteries that were sent to me for a cq56, the batteries i got were for older type laptops and not the newer models. on their web page they have a huge array of batteries and the two i chose were 593553-001 this is the pt# number on the battery, i had put this number into a search engine and looked for these batteries, amazon looked the best option and i purchased these batteries, however when they arrived i was dissapointed by the item, as they were for a totally different machine, so i hopped in the car, spoke to them face to face, and their reply was `we are sorry but we have no stock of this battery` they had taken the batteries away but never returned them or gave me a reciept. they said they would re-imburse me, i am still waiting, i tried to contact their customer services number and got a message that the number was not recognised i would suggest that anyone who is looking for batteries from this company, look elsewhere THIS IS A RIPOFF COMPANY and should be avoided at all costs i will be reporting to trading standards and uk immigration as i believe their is cause for concern on both fronts a very irate customer.

aa98c560, 2014-02-24, 04:32PM CST

I ordered a h.264 DVR from you when I opened it I could hear someting rattling inside so I put it back in the box. never hooking it up. Did not find a ph.# to call you. Tell me what to do.

f0dfc3b5, 2014-03-09, 07:24PM CDT

I Bought An AU Optronics Laptop Screen From N&K Trading Through EBAY, I Received A Cheap Knock Off Screen With No Brand Name On It...........

fae9f9ca, 2014-06-12, 06:51AM CDT

I bought a replacement screen for a Notebook more than 2 months ago through eBay but never received it. They are advertising on eBay with the name Screenaid (screenaid.com). In the resolution they said that they would send it, but nothing happens. I'm trying to get my money back as I paid via PayPal, but everything has to go through eBay's resolution system. BTW, do a Google search on screnaid +scam and you will find more scam reports that you will find more than 87000 hits!!!

R K., 2014-08-19, 02:30PM CDT

I jus bought a charger for my gateway and received a no name cheap thing that doesnt work. My husband thinks our laptop port hole may be broke but after stumbling into this page I think not.

8b20fdb3, 2014-09-01, 05:36AM CDT

This company just charged a fraudulent charge on my Paypal account for an IPAD I did not order. I have sent all the information to Paypal but so upset that they stole my ID!!! So frustrating!!

2ecf213d, 2014-11-12, 12:42PM CST

I had problems with a seller on Amazon selling counterfeit product instead of the name brand that was advertised. During the bank-n-forth e-mail exchange, I had many replies from various on line business names. (I now know all of them were N&K trading). To Amazon's credit, they stepped in and within 24 hours I had a full refund. The seller continued to bombard me with emails trying to get me to change my rating.(Tried to bribe me). They wanted the counterfeit product returned at my expense. I refused. I would have returned the product if they would supply a pre-paid return shipping label. I was given every excuse under the sun as to why they couldn't supply a pre-paid shipping label. I stopped responding to their e-mails. After 30 day, I destroyed and disposed of the counterfeit product.

2e8c428c, 2014-12-17, 05:01PM CST

Do not buy batteries from this company! The batteries will be give "Danger" type messages when installed, and are "not quite technically-right".

"Customer Service" is off-written English by Chinese, and their number one priority is putting off resolving the transaction endlessly.

Your only choice is to dispute the charges and publicize a complaint to public forums.

Tom S., 2014-12-18, 10:57AM CST

Oh my gosh. I'm another sucker. I bought some flashlights to give for Christmas. They are all defective.

Tom S., 2014-12-18, 12:25PM CST

Hey R.K giggle the connector in the port hole. He maybe right.

70960013, 2015-01-14, 11:15AM CST

I bought a laptop battery for MacBook pro model: A1181 from this people. eBay name is N&K trading Inc. When I bought the battery it said 3 years manufacture warranty included. I hardy used my laptop. Now battery is swollen and does not fit in my laptop. I tried to chase this people on eBay but no luck because they are not in eBay anymore.

ben E., 2015-01-20, 06:38PM CST

One of their new names is hi-pc on ebay. Bought a keyboard for a macbook pro from them which was advertised as NEW. after the item arrived 4 days late it turned out to be used, with its liquid spill indicator turned red showing that it had come from a liquid damaged laptop.

If dealing with ebay remember to call ebay when you have an issue. they will find out how to track down these sellers for you. I insisted that ebay open a fraud investigation, which they have done. hopefully this will slow down these criminals.

978e31d7, 2015-01-26, 05:38PM CST

I just received my order for 5 fiddle keys'''''there were only 2 in the package. What goes with this company. My name charles profrock, 3490 US 1 south # 14, st augustine, Florida 32086 . I need these to repair instruments.

1c791a1a, 2015-02-06, 10:24AM CST

Ditto................Got a replacement battery for my Toshiba C675........got the EXACT battery ok...............only its deader than a door nail! will not charge when I put it in my computer..........First time I've ever gotten ripped off on the internet........Lesson learned.......do some research......don"t just assume the product or company are Legit!

Roberta G., 2015-02-20, 09:54AM CST

I placed an order with this trading company on February 3rd, 2015. It is now the 20th and I haven't heard a word from them. First time to be ripped off on the web, lesson learned. I am hopeful that they get caught at their own game and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Glenn K., 2015-03-05, 08:47PM CST

Purchased battery for my DELL M70 on ebay from YALLSTORE (N&K Trading)...AD said 7200mah 9 cell I got a 5600mah 6 cell...very very disapointed...

ceb3a391, 2015-03-15, 10:46AM CDT

dj.2015 02 05

I bought a laptop motherboard on feb 20th and it is defective,Cannot get a hold of the company..


12da8af0, 2015-04-09, 04:21PM CDT

i have also been ripped off by this company. i went to buy a few items off of a website called WIZTATTOO.COM, i recived hlf of my order of 60$.

with noway of contact with them. shipping warehouse the same as everyone else here. i made my purchuse MARCH 23 2015, nothing since. please guys. stf far away from WIZTATTOO.COM. there the same people with same scam. thoes 60$ STOLEN FROM ME WHERE MY LAST AT THE TIMING. VERY HURT AND DISQUISTED!!!!!!!

3a26aeea, 2015-06-02, 10:21PM CDT

SCAM, SCAM,SCAM....STAY AWAY FROM WIZTATTOO! I placed my order May 23rd and it's supposedly still processing. Really? I've tried emailing them several times with no response. These f***ers need to be taken down!

46aad9d5, 2015-06-04, 02:26PM CDT

I orders a tattoo kit and I was afraid I had gotten frauded with all the scam report but 14 days later a received my package with every thing and plus In the kit.don't no if I'm am just lucky or maybe errors do occurs we are only humains after all or are we? Just figured I would whrite my experience using n&k trading as my first online purchased .

12d9fee3, 2015-06-15, 09:40PM CDT

My only comment is that I received the wrong size tablet case. Also I would like to know the info I need to exchange it. Dont know what size it is but i know that I need the 7in tablet case.

0dd1a600, 2015-06-16, 12:07PM CDT

Please report this company to the federal regulatory agency (Federal Trade Commission in this case):


This company is apparently also selling clothing through the name "She Inside" (or "sheinside") and has ripped off many people.

c39a4dca, 2015-06-16, 05:07PM CDT

I ordered my products through T-Mart and they were shipped to me from N&K Trading Inc. They have sent products twice and both sets of products do not work. WTH!!

fbef5b1f, 2015-07-18, 06:37PM CDT

I received a package from you and have no idea what it is, OR what it is for. If you are N&K Trading@1980 US HIGHWAY 1, BUILDING #3 NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ 08902 WHAT IS GOING ON?? I do not want unsolicited packages sent to me. I believe you to be a scam, and myself and easy mark. There is no invoice, no record of my credit card information---and I don't even know what this "solar lantern" means or does. please advise. [email protected]

Apple B., 2015-10-11, 11:06AM CDT

A few days ago, I checked my account and saw that I was about to get slammed for some miscellaneous charges. When I checked again, I saw that my account was hit for charges in the amount of $49, $13, and $2.79. I noticed that the charges were associated with Alibaba & T-Mart. Filed a fraud complaint with my bank on Thursday, but then on Saturday evening, I came home and noticed a mysterious package in my door. Come to find out that the package was an uber cheap tablet with no invoice.

On Monday morning, I'll be taking this piece of crap to my bank to show them them what happened, and this I'm going to send this crap back to New Jersey via Certified Mail.

In the meantime, I am going to be more careful about what I purchase on Ebay and Amazon.

efdb83e8, 2015-10-30, 02:08PM CDT

I had ordered a Smart Sports Bracelet and it would not charge. After a few emails I was sent a second bracelet. This too did not charge. After a few enquiries I was asked if it was my charger. I said no. The rep did not even know what charging cable it used. I should have asked for a refund. No more ordering from Chinese sites.

4fbec902, 2016-01-24, 12:11AM CST

I'm not sure what I actually ordered, but I think it was a watch charger or bracelet and I opened my package to find a SEX TOY!!!!!! I was totally shocked! I want to return this immediately and the charge better be credited to my account as soon as possible! Please advise me what to do.

Loki .., 2016-01-24, 10:35AM CST

Since it sounds like the sex toy is more memorable than whatever these reckless frauds were supposed to send, try Erika Moen's "OhJoySexToy.com" for ideas, and a Psychologist to work on that emotionally stunted attitude about sexuality.

eBay and Alibaba (of which Yahoo is a major owner) need to be pressured to have harsher policies against sellers who knowingly and intentionally ship defective products, engage in specifications frauds, and have not just minor issues of an occasional error, but chronic reckless disregard for order fulfillment (all of which this seller and drop shipper do). eBay also needs to require disclosure of drop shipper relationships, to make tracing crooked sources and blacklist sellers who front for them (often unknowingly, as they're lied to too). It's way too much work to do the corporate investigation I did starting this thread (never realizing it'd go on this long), or get state Attorney Generals, Postal Inspectors, or the Federal Trade Commission, to take action when the individual problems are tiny (Federal law enforcement uses a $100,000 case value standard before taking most complaints seriously, given their costs of investigation and prosecution, and resource limits).

It doesn't matter if they shipped a box of rocks, or a new Asus Zenbook computer with Skylake series i7 CPU, or an electrified butt plug, as to it being other than what was ordered. The first would be clear fraud, versus the others mere negligence, albeit that last sex toy might be tempting to apply at maximum settings to the owners and managers of companies like this one.

In most cases, if delivery was via USPS (and many shipments from there are DHL SM, economy shipping with end delivery by your mailman), if you get something in the mail you didn't request or order, it's yours by law and there's no legal obligation to return or pay for it. It's important to keep records of orders (yeah, PITA for small value stuff, and systems that have confusing seller and shipper names and notification bots), and (annoying time drain) file PayPal or credit card chargeback complaints and include fraud complaints when relevant, to raise red flags in payment systems about the worst of sellers. This is a site for publishing info on those bad actors, and has no remedies for specific cases with them.

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