Cheryle Baptiste DDS, PLLC - RUDE

Posted on Friday, April 5th, 2013 at 10:17am CDT by Son C.

Product: Dentist

Company: Cheryle Baptiste DDS, PLLC

Location: 4839 Wisconsin Ave NW

Category: Health, Beauty

I have never in my entire life have, had a person talk to me like the receptionist did, at this dentist office. She is VERY rude and inconsiderate. All I had were questions that I want answered as a client/patient would and she does not even talk she gets loud and abrasive. Everything I said came back to me as combating me or argumentative. I wanted to know my options since my insurance was not covering my work and she basically told me to go back to where I came before. Even though I was going there for quite some time. Without speaking to the actual dentist, the rude receptionist calls me, to tell me, I have been referred out of there and I cannot come back. I see the other reviews on here and people mentioned about the rude staff especially the receptionist. She would not even let me speak to the Dentist when I have concerns. This dentist office is being run by this woman who answers the phone and NOT the DENTIST. Again, the Dentist needs to speak to the patient if that is what is requested by the patient, for an explanation. This Dentist cannot speak for herself. No one wants to talk to someone who is not a Doctor telling them what they can or cannot do. Trust me, I will tell everyone about this place being very unprofessional.


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