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Posted on Friday, April 5th, 2013 at 1:30pm CDT by Teela M.

Product: Insurance Claim

Company: Farmer's Insurance

Location: US

Category: Business, Finances

FARMER'S INSURANCE IS THE WORST THERE IS; THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL... After being a customer for over 30 yrs; my vehicle was hit and totaled; and my son's GF was injured...this happened on January 22, 2013...Farmer's has DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help me; when the other driver was at fault...I get dead ends, phone numbers to people who don't know anything, aren't the ones who are responsible for helping me, or the numbers go nowhere...I get promises of what will be done and no follow up, except in an attempt for them to CYA because the other drive was also a Farmer's customer...They have never informed me of MY rights; offered me options; explained anything; or given me any choices at all...They not only want to steal my car, but leave me hanging to take the loss...I am absolutely disgusted with this company and will be moving ALL OF MY BUSINESS; including the policies I have written for property to STATE FARM....It has been a nightmare I can't wake up from and has caused me to lose sleep, lose business, and caused untold amounts of harm to my health and well being in the form of anxiety and migraines...Farmer's does not care about anything but looking out for their own best interest...I have taken to the internet to provide a forum in which to not only air my grievances but to warn other's of what they can expect when they are loyal to this company...I will continue to post until this goes VIRAL; and I will also pursue a Class Action lawsuit, as I'm sure if this has happened to me, I am not alone...they have contacted my son's GF repeatedly to try to get her to sign away her rights and make us go away....That isn't happening; and I will make sure that I am vocal & loud in the deplorable way I have been treated...You CANNOT AND WILL NOT treat the people who keep you in business this way, and I will post this message in every venue possible until something is done to HELP ME and not themselves....You don't want to do the right thing, then all will know it....


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