Posted on Thursday, April 4th, 2013 at 1:53pm CDT by Dean P.

Product: Medical services

Company: Humana

Location: PO box 14601 Lexington KY 40512
40512, KY, US

Category: Products, Services

Humana makes like there there for the customer but they are not they consistently try to get out of paying claims or making it vague what they pay for and then beat you over the head with there policy book and there customer service is rude and no help.For instance a doctor that treats me works for the county and treats me and they bill for him through the county so Humana says he is out of network even though there book says he is in so they say I have to call the Doctor and and have him make tax records for himself to turn in to them or I get charged 50% co pay Instead of 0 which is not my problem on top of they would not do it and I have to spend three days on a phone trying to get it done on top of them charging 150.00 on blood work Instead of 0 because they say you have to have blood work done at a free standing lab are not very clear about it and when a doctor does it at a facility they ding you after they told me different before I went over there a month before so on top of trying to figure out doctor tax Issues you have to worry about blood getting drawn on top of having to be Ill they give you nothing but stress to go with it do not go with Humana they will give you nothing but grief.


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