Dave McNamara - Dave McNamra - Fraud and Con Artist

Posted on Thursday, April 4th, 2013 at 12:10pm CDT by Mr. X.

Product: Furniture Restoration

Company: Dave McNamara

Location: DENVER, US

URL: www.garfieldsantiques.com

Category: Furniture

This guy is a con artist so beware! We lost close to $1000 and he destroyed our antiques.. We were lucky to have gotten our furniture back as we were able to track down the driver of the pick up and delivery vehicle. He does not have a driver's license so he has another guy drvining him. It turns out he does not have any identification on him. He wants money in advance, he lies that he has the furniture done but he doesnt. He calls all hours of the night asking for more money in a drucken state. He is a very good con-artist who will drop names and

says he worked for Eron Johnson antiques and Ackerman's. We have checked and they don't know who he is. AVOID THIS CON-ARTIST! His name is Dave McNamara and his phone number is 720.422.5544




Below is DaveMcnamra's ad from Craigs List and other sources.

* Furniture Restoration and Refinishing * - $1 (Denver)

Do you need a piece of furniture stripped or refinished or repaired? I have over 20 years experience. I also know all styles of antique furniture if you need pulls or any hardware replaced that is of the same period as your piece. I have a home wood shop where I do this part time as I still enjoy doing this. I have worked for large restoration companies on the East Coast prior to moving to Denver. I am also an antique dealer, so I have a bit of a lead on most refinishers. They mostly just know how to finish wood, but do not know the difference from Victorian to Modern periods, as I do. So there for I know how your piece should look for its period. My prices are lower since I do not have employees or the overhead of a warehouse.

1. Hand stripping. Better for the wood than dipping.

2. Complete refinishing to match your other pieces, or the color of your choice, or what was the original.

3. Shabby Chic finishes also available.

4. Refinishing of table tops only to save you money. This is less money than doing the whole table, and the whole table usually does not need refinishing just the tops. Average table top refinishing runs about $150.00 with me. Tables that are painted are a little higher, depending on how many coats of paint it has. Compare to the restoration companies locally for $500.00 and up!

5. Veneer chips repaired or replace entire sections. Grain painting also.

6. Wholesale antique or reproduction hardware for all furniture. From Pulls, to handles, hinges, wood castors ect. There are wholesale companies I use that have a MUCH better selections than hardware stores and for 1/2 the price!

7. French hand rubbed finishes also. Great for high end pieces where they need to been done authentically ( as the Antique road show would say ). I am the only one in the Denver area that does these! The are costly and take up to 3 days to just do the finish, but it is beautiful when done. I am certified by "Mohawk Finishes" where I attended a 1 week workshop in Connecticut to learn this technique.

8. Pick up and delivery is also available.

9. Fast turn around times.

You can send a picture of what you need done, but it would be best to call for fastest responce. 720.422.5544


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Jamie R., 2013-04-06, 12:57PM CDT

Please help! My parents just got scammed by this guy also. Do you have his drivers' names and contact information?!?!? Please e-mail me at [email protected] I am a lawyer and will go after this guy. Thank you for your help.

Cameron e., 2013-04-25, 11:32AM CDT

big name dropper, big con artist. I know where he was last living if you want inforin for send me an email and iI can help you find the jerk. [email protected]

Mr. X., 2013-05-06, 10:44PM CDT

This guy is continuing to con people, he picks up their furniture, gets a deposit - only in cash and then disappears with the furniture. He has a driver, his name is Don Dingwall. I ran a background check on him and he has a shady background too. They will take your funiture and store it in various places. He will call with drama and will ask for money and tell you that he is working on your furniture and he is almost done. If you ahve been coned by this guy, pleas contact me, collectively he has con so many people that it is no longer just a civil case but a criminal case.

0bb06856, 2013-05-14, 08:15PM CDT

Mr. X please contact me ASAP I have all the information you're looking for. [email protected]

Eric Z., 2013-06-19, 11:28AM CDT

David has 2 pieces of antique oak furniture that belong to me which he has had since March 2013. I am extremely upset as he states they are ready but then cancels/no shows appointments. I have been trying to get a hold of him for over 2 weeks and have had no luck. I gave him almost all the money up front in case for him to refinish these two pieces. He has been giving me the run around for months now with continuous lies, drama, and misleading information. I have a written contract with him as well. This guy is ridiculus. I need help getting my stuff back from him as well as the 280.00 I gave him when I brought him my furniture. He is a fraud and conartist and extremely manipulative. Please contact me! [email protected] 720-412-2566 (Eric)

Eric Z., 2013-06-29, 08:13PM CDT

Dave McNamara's address is 5455 west 60th ave in Arvada Colorado 80003. He lives in a guest house on the west side of the property behind the garage. I made contact with him there earlier in the week and got more false promises from him. He claims to be setting up a new refinishing shop and having an antique show there by renting out space to antique dealers.

72343413, 2014-05-11, 06:50PM CDT

This guy is a joke i know where he live if info wanted email me [email protected]

Scott R., 2014-06-28, 10:28PM CDT

Is this guy still doing this??? I lost a lot of money to this guy back in '06. He should be in jail. He has done this to so many people, even his own parents! Track him down and prosecute him. I live in CA now, wish I was still out there to help nail this bastard.

305bdba2, 2014-12-04, 11:23PM CST

I recently met this gentleman and he mentioned what sources of income / employment he has.

After the conversation, I goggled him and saw these sketchy incidents and I wanted to assist.

I have his current residence & contact # if anyone needs it...

1460 Jasmine St. #9

Denver, CO


b2a4145e, 2015-02-06, 12:24PM CST

This guy just conned me out of money, as well. Has anyone had any luck prosecuting him or is he just continuing to defraud people. Will it do any good to file a police report?

b2a4145e, 2015-03-21, 06:43PM CDT

Dave's newest phone number as of this week is 303-777-9884. I hope someone catches up with him and puts him in jail!

Scott R., 2015-02-06, 01:21PM CST

well, if you do not file a police report, nothing will happen. I don't know if the police can do anything, but at least if you file a report there is something of an official record. Hopefully other people will contact the police and they can build some sort of case against him.

b2a4145e, 2015-02-06, 03:51PM CST

The phone number Dave is using as of yesterday is 303-777-9884. Told me he rents a home in Cherry Creek, which is probably more BS. He also has a broken knee and limps badly and uses that as an excuse not to get done what he promised. I wonder now if someone he has conned found him and got their revenge by breaking his knee! Hope so!

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