Vision Eyes Opticians - RipOff Glasses At Vision Eyes Opticians Cricklewood!

Posted on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 at 7:47pm CDT by 11689378

Company: Vision Eyes Opticians

Location: 151 Cricklewood Broadway


Category: Products, Services

I went to this optician alone, i had dyslexia a learning disability. And was ripped off.

The manager Masu Asaria told me that i get a discount on the designer frame that it was the last one you could have it for 60. I agreed then the staff lady Faiza Asaria took the measurement she said that it going to be 235 because i had a high eye prescription like myopia and astigmatism. They will have to make special thinned-down lens i was a bit confused they took all the cash from me and after 2 weeks i went to ask if they were ready they said no the lab is very busy. After the 3rd week i got the glasses the frame looked old it was a bit dusty so i cleaned it and i did not understand why the glasses where so expensive and i later found out that i was tricked by the opticians they mixed up the prices on the receipt charging me the full price for the designer frame. They wrote on the receipt... frame 60 lens 175. I was not happy about this so phoned the optician the manager was very arrogant and threated me. So i left it there i could not do anything who's going to listen to a poor person like me. This was a low-life thing they did.

People With disabilities Should Not Go To Vision Eyes Opticians!

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