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Posted on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 at 2:10pm CDT by 59833397

Product: Electric Media Fireplace

Company: ElectricFireplacesDirect.com

Location: 217 North Seminary.com

URL: ElectricFireplacesDirect.com

Category: Online Shopping

Before ordering a $999 fireplace media center I called and ask for info dept. to see why these were several hundred dollars higher than Lowes. I was told the quality was much better and it had a three color realistic flame. Turns out the fireplace heater logs are from China just like Lowes.

The unit does not put out hardly any heat. Electric Fireplace Direct refers me to the manufacturer and the manufacturer refers me back to the seller. NOTHING gets done. Phone calls do not get returned. Poorest customer service I have ever seen. I ask them to send me a heater that heats. They say mine is working fine. A light bulb could heat the room as fast. Save some headache and money. Buy at Lowes so if there is a problem at least you get customer service. Will NEVER buy at ElectricFireplacesDirect.com again. So I wasted $999.00 on a electric fireplace media center that is just average to look at with very little heat at all. It is to heavy to ship back so they have you.


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