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Posted on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 at 1:52pm CDT by kenneth c.

Product: Clark's Shoes

Company: C&J Clark

Location: 40 High Street

Category: Clothing, Shoes, Apparel

Having size 12 feet, I find obtaining shoes this size fairly difficult; when I do find a shop that has them I tend to buy several pairs and keep them in my wardrobe then wear them a pair at a time until they are worn out.About ten years since I bought several pairs of 121/2 Clark's Shoes.

I commenced wearing a pair for the first time at my brother in law's wedding last June, during the course of the day the uppers and the soles separated completely and I ended up having to wear a couple of polythene bags on my feet, the other guests found it amusing, I was embarassed. I sent the shoes back to Clark's and they eventually sent me a voucher for ?20 plus postage-approximately half the cost of the shoes.I then started on the next pair; I wore these on five or six days only then found that the insoles were turning into a grey powder. I sent these back but the company declined to do anything saying that the Polyurethane soles were subject to hydrolysis.

My contention is that the shoes should be marked with a Use By/Sell By date or the company should make restitution when they fail. I am surprised that A big company like Clarks do not take responsibility for a faulty product. I have some shoes that are considerably older than the above that are still wearable

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b220c5dd, 2015-02-09, 07:32AM CST

I have a pair that are about 8years old new out of the box and lasted just 1 hour!

Are these of suitable quality and fit for purpose, NO!

Sales of goods act may apply upto 6 years.!

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