Posted on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 at 12:56pm CDT by Deb S.

Company: EXPEDIA

Location: US

URL: www.expedia.com

Category: Travel, Vacations

I found a GREAT DEAL to NY, 2 airline tickets, 2 rooms for $2300 - put in our names, my credit card number, bought insurance, clicked on book now, and I got an error message, Sorry, we're unable complete your booking right now, please wait a few minutes then choose complete booking again, if you're still having problems, search again - I clicked on complete booking several times with no luck, so I tried my search again, and the price went up to $3600...called Expedia - they pulled up my itinerary, they say there is only ONE room on the itinerary, I pulled it up on my screen (My Itineraries) and it shows TWO ROOMS. I argued with 2 different people (Ford and Victoria) and they both said only ONE room. What, you think I'm lying?!? sign into my account yourself so you can see - no, no, they wont do that - but now, when I go into my account, it only shows ONE room - I have screen prints of the reservation. They just don't care, one person just doesn't matter to them. So get the word out, never book through Expedia


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