Space Space Storage - Storage Direct scam

Posted on Sunday, March 31st, 2013 at 11:00am CDT by Jim R.

Company: Space Space Storage

Location: US

Category: Other

Where to start, we have been customers for 5+ years. Since the new company took over we get harassed day and night, on holidays, Sundays, at work and at home, etc. over payment that was already automatically sent, deposited and cleared their bank. There is a 10 day grace period in the lease before late charges are applied in case there are any delays by the post office.

We have spent hours to research the issue, gotten with the banks and sent the company proof that all payments have cleared their bank in less than 4 days from the due date which means they received payment well in advance of the grace period ending and most likely on the due date, but that doesn't stop the harassment.

The next complaint is the company decided without giving us notice that a $9 insurance fee was being assessed and the double locked our unit until it was paid. I paid the fee in cash and in person, then went home and got our proof that we have homeowners insurance already that covered the storage unit but that didn't matter to them. They refused to accept the document or refund my money. The home office called while I was there and I was asked to speak to the VP of Operations who then threatened me and rudely hung up, then he called back and asked the staff to tell me to leave the premises, which I did.

In the lease we are allowed to "Self-Insure" which we do and I discovered it is illegal for storage companies to sell or offer insurance, which is exactly what they do. I even spoke to the previous insurance company who was previously the underwriter of the policy who also confirmed they are violating the law.


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