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Posted on Saturday, March 30th, 2013 at 3:45pm CDT by Dale K.

Product: Real Estate

Company: Hamilwood Realtor

Location: 1205 SW 89th St

URL: www.hamilwood.com

Category: Real Estate

Breann Llewelyn of Hamilwood Realty listed a home that I am living in. The owners are out of state. While I was out of the country, they were showing the home. A computer is missing out of the home now, it was reported to Sarah Casey and to Breann.

I was also called by the owners and they said radios were all over the back yard and needed cleaned up. I called the police and they said there were no radios in the back yard. I talked to Sarah on the phone and she could not describe them and then she finally told me she did not see them and I needed to call Breann.(I was told to call Breann and Sarah by the owners)I flew 10,000 miles back to Oklahoma because they said they had a closing on the property. When I returned, there were no radios in the back yard, nothing. Later they called the owners and told them the water was all frozen up. None of this was true. This is just a small sample of the lies they told the owners. Breann Llewelyn never returned my phone calls (I called her 3 times but she told the owners I called 37 times.) I have never received a phone call of concern about my computer being missing (Very strange they either Breann or Sarah wont talk about that.)

The home never closed.

Sara Casey called me 2 days ago and scheduled a showing at 3:00 - 3:30 on Friday. No one ever showed, I did not receive a phone call to cancel or to say they would be late. I waited for them and missed my doctors appointment.

I have emailed Hamilwood Realty Company a month ago about my complaint and computer missing and Hamilwood has never called me or returned an email to me.

I called and left a message for Breann about no one showing up for the showing and she has never phoned to apologize.

This is not a professional way to run a Realty Office, lies, lack of concern about theft from the home.

If I was to choose a realtor in Oklahoma City, I would not choose Hamilwood Realtors.

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Magda b., 2014-05-22, 04:59PM CDT

Sarah casey requests 2 showings for the same person.. she claims to have went to the house both times but never went in. Both times. Never called to cancel or anything..ughh. do not use her.

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