Express Scripts - Express Scripts (Driving out Waste((( REALLY)))) GREED!!

Posted on Saturday, March 30th, 2013 at 3:21pm CDT by Bob D.

Product: Prescription Medications

Company: Express Scripts

Location: 4600 N. Hanley St. Louis, Mo 63134
ST. LOUIS MO, MO, 63134, US


Category: Health, Beauty

Express-scripts is a prescription filling company that has to be used by many medical insurances who?s only purpose is to keep money in the issuers pocket and give you the run around on medications that you need immediately. My doctor sent in my prescription for a medication and I received a notice from Express-Scripts saying that your cooperage had expired. I contacted everyone involved including my doctor who sent another prescription to make sure all information was correct. I received again the same letter your coverage has expired. I contacted Express Scripts again and was told you will have your medication in 24hrs, instead I received a new letter saying the same thing, your coverage has expired. I spoke to a supervisor at Express-Scripts and was told we mail this out today regular mail and you should see it in 10 days and there is nothing else that we can do. I could have gone to Target and got this filled in 15 min. Their motto DRIVING OUT WASTE...Really...Take a look at this article.. needs to be a federal investigation into their practices


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