Delta Airlines - Skymiles

Posted on Saturday, March 30th, 2013 at 5:12pm CDT by d47826ae

Product: skymiles

Company: Delta Airlines

Location: US


Category: Airlines

Delta has a 25,000 skymile, as stated in on-line literature-reward program as their lowest level. The middle level is 40,000. The 25,000 miles reward coupon is not trasparent: I can not find any city in the U.S. where--and I have check eighty-eight online--I can use a 25,000 flight coupon. I have also asked three telephone agents where I can fly in the U.S. for 25,000 skymiles. They don't have a clue, nor is there any printed online-or otherwise material stating those cities in the U.S. where a skymile member can fly on a 25,000 reward coupon. I can not even fly from Denver to Salt Lake City. This flight takes 40,000 sky miles.

Because Delta Airlines in not way is transparent by stating those cities upfront and by the skymiles agents knowing those cities that Delta is using the 25,000 miles as a leadIN: to get more people to sign up via credit card for this program. To take so much time and not find one signal city that I can fly--if there is one--to without spending days makes one feel there is a type of defrauding the public going on. Delta needs to be more upfront from the beinning with this 25,000 program or be truthful and stay: it takes 40,000 reward miles to get a round-trip airline coupon to any city in the U.S.


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