Two Men And A Truck - BEWARE: Movers who care: they do not -

Posted on Thursday, March 28th, 2013 at 10:36am CDT by Otto O.

Company: Two Men And A Truck

Location: US

Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage


Fact: Despite repeated requests they did not care to provide estimate and terms and conditions in advance as required.

Fact: They did not care to complete the packing as scheduled; promised the loading team would do it on the loading day.

Fact: On the day of loading they showed up uninformed and unprepared; they did not care to properly protect our goods as they had us decline their "request to purchase necessary padding and or restraints" which they had not cared to have available.

Fact: They did not care to use the wrapping material we provided for protecting glassed pictures. They did not care to follow our request to not stack items to the full height of the trailer and instead make use of the full length of the trailer.

Fact: They had us sign off on parts of the load when it was impossible to see behind a facade of stacked boxes and large items that glassed pictures were not protected at all and towers of heavy boxes were stacked on fragile furniture.

They blamed the U-Pack transporter for the about $2,000 damage and had only disregard for the unloading Two Men team's finding that most of the damage was caused by insufficient care for our goods in the immediate care, custody, and control on the part of the loading team.

Despite their commitment as a member they did not care to cooperate in the mediation of the Better Business Bureau; in their apparent efforts to evade accountability they ignored the above facts and presented ever new legal/technical excuses for their lack of care.

Two Men And A Truck Corporate Customer Care Team Lead in their evaluation of the complaint did not care to interview the unloading team or the customer, ignored the above facts, joined the Chico franchise in the obvious disregard of the brand's promise to care, and were "truly sorry [only!] that the movers from the Green Bay office indicated the load was insufficient."


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