Target - Poor Customer Service

Posted on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 at 6:20am CDT by 547dd897

Company: Target

Location: RT 17K

Category: Stores, Shopping

I went to Target in Newburgh, NY to do some shopping. I went around the store and found most of the items I wanted to purchase. No one in that store ever asks if anyone needs help finding things. You are on your own.

I went to check out what I wanted to purchase. The lines were long and not many registers were open. I got behind a woman and began my wait.

A woman came in back of me and started to complain about the long lines. A Target employee opened the register behind but the minute he did people flew to get in that line, so I stayed where I was.

After a couple of minutes the cashier at my register turned off her light and announced to me and the woman in front of me that she was CLOSED! We looked at each other in shock. I told the cashier that it would have been nice if she hadn't let us wait in line so long before telling us that she was closing. She ignored me.

The woman and I both went to other LONG lines. A couple of minutes later, I looked up to see the register that we left was back open and another Target employee was checking out customers. No one told us that the register was going to open back up in a couple of minutes or we both would have stayed where we were.

I was furious. I left my shopping cart right where I was standing and left the store. I decided to save the $80 I was about to spend at a store that doesn't really appreciate my business.


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