Rick Coats Garland, Tx - Rick Coats, Handyman Rick Garland, Tx Stole Property and Sold It On Ebay!!!!

Posted on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 at 1:08pm CDT by Silent W.

Product: Handyman Services

Company: Rick Coats Garland, Tx

Location: 5525 Sundown Lane
GARLAND, TX, 75043, US

Category: Products, Services

Rick Coats aka Ricky Coats of Garland, Tx was hired to perform handyman services in my home.

Over time I discovered that he had been stealing from me and selling property from my home on Ebay and Craigslist. He sold stolen items under the Ebay Nick BantamCat64. Mr. Coats was sued and settled out of court with me, my case was dismissed without prejudice at that time.

After settlement and a couple of months it was discovered that Mr. Coats was back on Ebay and was again selling stolen property that belonged to me. Ebay permanently suspended him at that time.

To add insult to injury his handyman services are for the most part sub par. His electrical work was substandard in one area of my home creating a potential fire hazard. His painting ability was also sub par. It is my belief that he was focusing more on going through my belongings that doing the job he was paid to do.

Before you hire him for ANY handyman services heed my warning! The local police are treating this as a civil matter because when I originally reported this matter to them I agreed not to prosecute him if I got my property back. The problem was I didn't get my property back. DO NOT let the police get you to agree not to prosecute him, pursue charges against him. Mr. Coats plays on folks sympathy.


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