comprehensive care centerntal - mental health,no money no help

Posted on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 at 8:17am CDT by elra murphy

Product: poor

Company: comprehensive care centerntal

Location: 325 Professional Ave.

URL: [email protected]

Category: Health, Beauty

please be advised that if you worked over thirty years lost your job and insurance you are not able to get help cause you have no money was seen there for about 5 months and they knew I was unemployed well my last visit I WAS SETTING IN THE LOBBY AND THE LADY YELLED THROUGH THE WINDOW AND SAID ON YOUR NEXT VISIT IF YOU DON'T $12.00 we can no longer see you well my husband called several times leaving messages for Kathleen Lindsay she would not return his calls just wanted to let you know no money no help. joyce murphy


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