Apple - Ipad bent?! Quality issue

Posted on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 at 10:09am CDT by angie b.

Product: Ipad mini

Company: Apple

Location: US


Category: Computers, Software

Few days ago, I noticed my eyes get tired seeing my ipad and seem like screen wasn?t even but it was totally working find. So I take it out of leather case to take a look at my ipad mini and it was bent!

How it could possibly bent? I would totally understand if I accidently drop and scattered the screen but it is not. I charged my ipad mini on my nightstand and never dropped and always stay in the case.

I also own an ipad2 which was made with glass top or hard materiel and never been bent.

Of course, I took it to an Apple store and they told me it is not covered under warranty and replacement cost would be $229.

Apple used to make ipad or iphone with hard materiel or higher end but now they make it with bendable aluminum and it is NOT covered by warranty if it bent and working fine.

I have no problem with using my bent ipad but apple should seriously think again about producing a quality product as top name brand.

Very disppointed and wont be interested in buying any future apple product if they still make it with poor quality material.


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