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Posted on Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 at 6:01pm CDT by Awakened 1.

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I bought what I thought was a NEW 2008 Mazda RX-8 for my birthday in 6/2009. I recently went to have an oil change when I was informed I needed (2) NEW tires. I took my car to (3) competitors for a 2nd opinion/pricing when I was told I actually needed (4) NEW tires. When I contacted their 'Service Manager' he scheduled for a 'tire specialist' to look at my vehicle; his conclusion was yes, I did need (4) new tires and sorry, but my factory warranty did not cover in this particular incidence.

I was told my warranty with Mazda had EXPIRED because (listen to this) my car that I bought was actually sitting on the lot for 2yrs before I bought it so therefore, that equated to (2yrs) of my factory warranty that was already used + the next 2yrs there after. Which mean I actually didn't get a 4yr tire warranty but a 2year.

** I've since read through my warranty and in FINE PRINTS it clearly indicates that my warranty began from the DATE THE VEHICLE WAS PURCHASED (6/6/2009) NOT 2007-8.

In addition the (5yr EXTENDED warranty) they (suckered me into buying) is of no use because BOTH warranty stipulations does not cover 'WEAR & TEAR' of the tires.

I paid CASH for my vehicle (which at the time Mazda had NO incentives due to the failing economy but yet I still bought; as indicated this was suppose to be a b-day gift to myself); have only 14,000 miles on my car; please explain to me how I could possible need (4 NEW TIRES)! I live in Atlanta, GA where we don't get snow blizzards or such. In addition I have now spoken to a representative (whose name I will not mention; an INSIDE MAZDA TIP) who gave me the run down of what really happened.

Basically, instead of Mazda swapping out the old tires for BRAND NEW tires since again I paid for a NEW car I was given old tires that sat on their lot for 2yrs; also I was informed factory warranty typically is good for 25,000-30,000 miles; I want to recapitulate I only have 14,000 miles which is well under factory warranty guidelines.

I have written the 'General Manager' at Mazda and have yet to receive a response to my email I sent him. I have also now contacted the following organizations who are now looking into this matter: Bridgestone Consumer Report, FTC, BBB, Governor's Office of Consumer Protection, Mazda Corporation, and the Office of Insurance Commission. I am also seeking legal actions at this junction.

Another tid bit to add is I recently found my vehicle's 'checklist' which by the way is completely BLANK! Which mean NO ONE took the time to review my car before selling me my vehicle. If they did they would know the tires were 2007; they put my safety in driving a vehicle that was never inspected to begin with from the date I purchase.

I have now paid some $400 out-of-pocket via their competitors and will never buy nor use this dealership ever again. I plan to get the word out about this dealership and their shady business practice(s) including FB & Twitter.

This dealership refuses to take any responsibility for their actions but put the blame on the tire manufacturers.

The blame start with Mazda because they have a civil duty to ALL their customers to 1. insure their safety, 2. to present factual 'truth' about their products and services, and 3. stand by their factory warranties.

I highly recommend NOT using this car dealership based on the aforementioned (I am also holding on to all '4' tires + have photographs, testimonies (automotive repair shops/experts) and documents/warranty agreement to substantiate my findings to aid with legal). There is no discrediting my argument!

My background is in law/criminal law, best wishes in going up against, me.


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