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Posted on Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 at 10:55am CDT by Thomas B.

Product: General Contractor

Company: The Sharper Edge, Inc.

Location: 128 W. Boxelder, Ste 105


Category: Other

Everything at first with the ?The Sharper Edge, Inc.? in the Phoenix Metro Area of Arizona seems to start off well. Then a problem arises and I try to get in touch with my sales person but, instead I get one of the corporate officers and they put me off with: "Your concerns will be addressed at the appropriate time". Of coarse this was after I spoke to a receptionist which told me that they would determine what should be done, period.

Then they want more money, by this time I?ve given them three fourths or more of the money on the quote. I complain that my concerns have not been addressed so, a corporate officer, not my sales person, comes to my home and then tries to renegotiate the original project. I pick this up during the conversation with the corporate officer. ?The Sharper Edge, Inc.? wishes to keep within a certain margin percentage profit instead of you receiving what you originally agreed upon.

You don't go along with this so, ?The Sharper Edge, Inc.? puts your project on hold. Now begins the waiting game of an additional two months or so.

?The Sharper Edge, Inc.? doesn't use materials that are stated verbally or on quotes. They substitute materials with items you didn't purchase and they state certain materials are one type when in reality the materials are another. When you address the poor quality and lack of workmanship ?The Sharper Edge? takes offense, like you should be satisfied with second best or they were doing you a favor by showing up.

If you think your getting everything you should please check the product brand names with the manufactures. You will be surprised at the answers you get. Have you had planter boxes installed; do they leak, yet? Stay clear of this company if you value your hard earned money. In the long run the few thousand you think you may be saving will not over ride the compromise ?The Sharper Edge, Inc.? expects. The promises of warranties only have an impact on a project if the work done was what the consumer purchased; not what the consumer is expected to settle for.

I have seen a standard rebuttal from this company to complaints on the internet and basically ?The Sharper Edge, Inc.? in the Phoenix Metro Area of Arizona stated they have done over 7,000 jobs and you can?t please everyone. I believe they?ve been in business for around 25 years but, not with today's generation in charge of the business. Everything changes! Not all for the good!

This project has been on hold from months and my family wants as many people to know what a consumer may be getting themselves into before committing any deposits to this unethical company, ?The Sharper Edge, Inc.? in the Phoenix Metro Area of Arizona. In fact I have even put up a website to make sure this information is available to anyone who wishes to evaluate ?My Nightmare Project? before contracting a contractor.

Use your search engine to find, "Sharper Edge Info".


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