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Posted on Monday, March 25th, 2013 at 8:57pm CDT by Bixi A.

Product: Photographer

Company: ARTLOOK, inc Wedding Photography

Location: 260 65th ST BayRidge Brooklyn, NY


Category: Wedding Services

Photographer didn't show up, but he sent a person he was not mentioning in his emails, and the person that doesn't have any pictures on his website. He was suppose to take my wedding photos, and after the wedding when I asked him why dd he sent another person, he avoid to answer. I knew that pictures will be disaster because I was telling her constantly how to take pictures, where, as well to remind her to take pictures of different people. After all, so many memorable moments were not captured! I was so mad at him, but I couldn't deal with it at that point, and then after 3 months of waiting, I got pictures and I wish I gave my camera to my friends, I would be more satisfied.

When I wrote review on his Facebook page, he deleted it, so no one else could see why am I complaining which was really unprofessional.


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