Goodman Furnace - Goodman Furnace failures

Posted on Monday, March 25th, 2013 at 12:12pm CDT by Jim B.

Product: Goodman Furnace GMS90904CXA

Company: Goodman Furnace

Location: US

Category: Products, Services

After having a Goodman furnace installed in my home 7 years ago. I recently had to spend $1000 on repairs. The main blower wheel began to make noise and was found to have cracked welds where the fins attach to the end plate. While the Tech was there he noticed the Combustion Blower was also noisy and dragging. He thought it might last a little longer, but I elected to replace it then as well. Since the furnace was just out of warranty the cost for the two parts was almost $800. I have seen other complaints regarding Goodman Furnaces and must agree they are sub-standard. The initial cost was low and the unit seems to be efficient, but long term durability is poor. I have heard others say they are fine for a home you don't intend to keep. Ditto That!


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