Artistic Refinishing aka Appliance Artistry - Alfred McCabe is a criminal scam artist; His reglazing work is very BAD.

Posted on Monday, March 25th, 2013 at 4:13am CDT by Angryat A.

Product: reglazing

Company: Artistic Refinishing aka Appliance Artistry

Location: 160 W Camino Real #121


Category: Products, Services

Alfred McCabe came to my home after reassuring me on the phone that reglazing would stay on my tub and would last at least 5 years. Well, after just a week, his started to fleck off then by a month later it had started to peel off like thin sheets of paper! Each time I saw I saw the paint peeling away & bubbling I called him to fix it until FINALLY I HAD JUST HAD ENOUGH. He had been to my home more than 3 times in a month! I asked for a refund & he refused. I reported him to BBB (which didn't really help) & to the business license offices of both my county & of his (Palm Beach); It was determined that the CON ARTIST thief didn't even have a license in my county. I got a FULL refund & EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN SCAMMED BY & LIED TO SHOULD GET A FULL REFUND FROM HIM. NO ONE should do business with this company because Afred McCabe is a liar and thief. Here are some examples 1) While reassuring me of his credentials, he told me he's been in business for over 30 yrs BUT he's about 40 yrs old. 2) He lied on his BBB statement that he had offered me a full refund when if he had refunded when I asked I WOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO FILE A BBB COMPLAINT. 3) He told me he had done other houses in my county BUT HE WASN'T EVEN LICENSED in my county. 4)He told me on the phone that when reglazing is done properly it takes several coats & the process is several hours long BUT he is in and out of my house in an hour & a half! 5) He refused to give me a refund EVEN THOUGH NEITHER HIS WEBSITE NOR HIS WARRANTY STATES THAT HE DOES NOT GIVE REFUNDS. 6) I took pictures of the first sign of paint flecking with date/time stamp to prove to him that his reglazing job starting showing trouble within a week & he tried to deny that he came back to touch up the spots per my request. 7) He only puts 2 coats & it starts to bubble, peel, & melt away AS SOON AS WATER HITS IT; I waited an ENTIRE day longer than he recommended to use my bathroom & it STILL peeled away. 8) HE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING & HIS MATERIALS ARE VERY POOR & INFERIOR. 9)He LIES and says he has a lot of experience & that the product will last years without ANY problems. 9)He tore up a certified letter I sent to his business requesting a refund!: I know because HE TOLD ME TO MY FACE! 10) He's a scammer, a failed charmer, a liar, a failed bully, & money-greedy. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ALFRED MCCABE!! YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF!


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