Sam's Club - Beware of the LIES

Posted on Monday, March 25th, 2013 at 2:00pm CDT by 547dd897

Company: Sam's Club

Location: 50 W. Merritt Blvd.

Category: Food

A couple of months ago, I was approached by a cashier at Sam's Club and offered a Sam's Advantage Plus Membership. I was told I could try the membership (not for free of course) and if I didn't like it, just pay the regular Membership fee when the bill came due.

Well, I just received the bill and Sam's Club sent me a bill for the Advantage Plus Membership, which I decided is NOT WORTH the money it costs.

Nowhere on the bill does it give an option to downgrade my membership. I called Sam's Club's 888 433-7267 phone number and spoke with Jacklyn. Jacklyn told me that I would have to pay for the Advantage Plus Membership and then go to the store and ask for a Membership downgrade.

I then called the store and asked someone in customer service how I go about downgrading my membership and sure enough, I had been lied to by the cashier that talked me into the Advantage Plus Membership.

In order to downgrade my Membership, I have to go stand in line at the customer service desk and tell them that I do not want their stupid Advantage Plus Membership. Had I know that I would have to do that, I would have told them to keep their Advantage Membership Plus.

Now here's the best part. The flyer that they sent me says my annualized estimated savings is $1,074.83. How they got that figure, I have NO idea.

So far, the MOST I have saved in ONE week is $7.50. Take $7.50 times 4 weeks and you get $30. Take $30 and times it by 12 months and it comes to $360. Let's not forget that there have been weeks since I got the Advantage Plus Membership where I have NOT SAVED ONE PENNY.

Another thing that I think is very unfair. I buy a lot of cat litter. Sam's Club advertised $2 off a bag of cat litter. I purchased THREE, but Sam's Club only gave me $2 off of ONE bag.

In my opinion, Sam's Club Advantage Plus Membership is not worth the gamble that you will buy enough to pay for the extra cost.

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jamie a., 2013-07-30, 05:58PM CDT

I am going through the same thing right now with my membership. I am getting hassled 30 days in advance of my renewals every chance they get, online when I check out and again when I pay in store but I am never able to downgrade these ways I have to go stand in line at customer service to downgrade the membership that saved me almost nothing even when I spend $400 - 500 a week there. Not worth the membership fee!

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