Cali Burrito - Inconsistent Food Preparation Service

Posted on Monday, March 25th, 2013 at 5:23pm CDT by 38bc54cb

Product: Cortez Burrito --- in a bowl

Company: Cali Burrito

Location: 3104 Hamilton Blvd Allentown, PA 18103


Category: Food

My husband & I discovered Cali Burrito about 6 months ago and started making weekly and sometimes even 2x a week visits.

Although the quality of the food has always been good, we have had to, time and time again, ask for a redo of what we ordered.

The menu allows a customer to add extra items of their choice. I have always ordered the same burrito ... The Cortez ... and I always order it the same way .... brown rice, with EXTRA cabbage. (note: one of the "included ingredients" is cabbage; cabbage is also on the "add extra" choices list)

Most of the time we 'take out', rather than eat in. Of course, when I open it at home, I eat it as it was dispensed to me because who is going to return their "take out food"??

Since the beginning of 2013 I have been extremely disappointed by the inconsistency in the amount of cabbage that I receive. A few times the cabbage was almost non-existent (let alone any extra)! So for a couple of times we mentioned the past order minimal cabbage when we placed our next order at the counter. A few times we actually unpacked the bag that came out of the kitchen and checked what we were getting before exiting Cali Burrito.

Today was the last straw! My husband brought home our "at the counter" order and when I opened my box (at home) included in today's order the total amount of cabbage was next to non-existent. (only a few small chopped pieces)

My husband phoned Cali Burrito and asked to speak to a manager; he was told that no one was there to speak with him.

Upon my suggestion, my husband returned to Cali Burrito with my order to show them what they had given me ... he had intended to ask for a "re-do" of the order.

My husband was told to get out of restaurant ... a man came out of the kitchen area, opened the register and gave him cash back for my order. And, he told my husband that if he didn't get out he would call the cops!

This was ridiculous! We are 70-year old senior citizens. We were consistently dropping $15.00 plus a week at their store. AND... we often complemented the counter workers and/or kitchen staff when we saw them, on the good quality of their food. Additionally, we always, always, always, thanked them when they added the extra cabbage that I had ordered from the "add extras" list.

I have worked in 'customer' service for over 40 years, and I certainly expect to receive the same good, polite and courteous service that I provide to others from the vendors that provide services to me.

The rude treatment of my husband today was uncalled for; we had purchased a product and we expected to receive the item that we had purchased.

As a matter of course in our daily lives, we go out of our way to smile, to be polite, to be kind, and to show appreciation to all who we encounter, everywhere we go.

Cali Burrito needs to get a handle on their business practices.

Needless-to-say, they have lost our $15.00 - $30.00 a week in revenue!


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