DC Appliances Repair/AMR Appliances - Dishwasher pump and leak

Posted on Monday, March 25th, 2013 at 11:14am CDT by 6e28fc28

Product: Service Call resulted in additional damage

Company: DC Appliances Repair/AMR Appliances

Location: 2122 Massachusetts Ave., NW

URL: www.washingtondcappliancesrepair.com

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools


He claims his name is Rashid and is the owner. He did come out as he said he would, charged me $175 to open the pump on my dishwasher and then did not tighten the pipes back and caused a leak. I called him about it and he promised several times to come back and repair. He never did, he started to ignore my calls and now he has gotten amnesia, etc.


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Cynthia C., 2014-06-30, 10:42PM CDT

issue worse than before - refuse to take calls. refuse to come - just hangs up

f6242b49, 2014-12-19, 09:49AM CST

I have joined the list of complaints. The latch on my dishwasher was broken. The piece was under $30 to buy on line. He came out and charged me $275, was here less then 15 minutes and gone. He replaced the piece with a white one that I had to paint black. The first time we went to use the dishwasher 2 screws fell out. I have called 3 times now to have them come out and put my dishwasher back together right and they won't answer my calls. The new part which is now 10 days old is starting to fail just like the one he replaced.

7c463712, 2015-08-01, 03:16PM CDT

The worst service ever. The positive reviews on this page are fake - just click the names and check out the profiles. It looks like whoever made these accounts is going up there, giving this place a 5-star, and then slandering competition.

He has no license (try to look it up: http://pivs.dcra.dc.gov//BBLV/Default.aspx). You can report him to the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs by following the instructions here: http://dcra.dc.gov/node/551312.

The part we needed only costs $176, he charged twice that, not including labor. First off, this guy got the wrong part and said he had to come back, after being late the first time. He will not answer his phone, and when you do finally get him on the line, he straight up lies about what time he will arrive. I had to take five days off of work only to have this guy be a no-show, or show up extremely late. THREE TIMES he said he would arrive in the morning, and failed to show up until 3 p.m and 5pm. I also observed him taking calls from other clients (so he was obviously just ignoring me), and he blatantly lied to them as well, saying he was just around the corner from their place, or 5 minutes away, when he was still clearly in my kitchen working.

This guy needs to be locked up. He is aggressive, rude, and comes off as extremely hostile - I do not feel safe being home alone with him, especially considering the foul tone he uses. Not only that, but he will take your money and never come back. His business address is actually an apartment building in Dupont. This guy is a total scam artist. He never fixed the problem, and said he wasn't sure if the office would refund the cost of the part. A few minutes later he admitted that he is the whole company, so he clearly made up the excuse about the office being the ones to deny a refund.

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