Pinocchio's restaurant - Horrible

Posted on Sunday, March 24th, 2013 at 3:21pm CDT by Sarah H.

Company: Pinocchio's restaurant

Location: US

Category: Food

I was on groupon and noticed that Pinocchio's has a coupon so I asked my boyfriend if he would like to try it out. I personally have been there before with friends. The first time I was there was with two of my girl friends. They both ordered steak and I ordered the Ck Fancaise. My meal was great minus the mashed potatoes not being hot, however, both of my friends steaks had to go back not once but twice and still were never cooked correctly. The waitress was amazing and wiped out the whole bill.

Hoping this was a one time thing my friend and I went back and ate at the bar. We had a blonde bartender who waited on us and everything was great!

I thought seeing how my boyfriend has never been here, and the great groupon deal, that tonight would be a good date night. WOW was I completely wrong. He ordered a salad and calamari. He said it wasnt anthing to brag about and ate it. I wanted to try something new so I got the Steak Bistecca- steak was over cooked and had no flavor. When the waiter finally left the bar long enough to ask us how our meal was I told him the truth and asked if I could switch it to the Ck fran I had ordered the first time here. At this point the waiter started to make my boyfriend and I feel like we had interrupted his night and very unwelcomed. When my meal did come out he quickly asked how it was, I had only tried the vegetable at this time so I said it was fine. When I did try the chicken the edges were so burnt I couldn't eat it. We could not find our waiter to refill our drinks let alone to tell him about my chicken so my boyfriend asked the bartender to get the manager. The manager came over and said he was sorry and that my meal was off the bill and asked if we wanted dessert. I looked at the menu for dessert and when I looked up my waiter was there! He asked me why I did not tell him the chicken was burnt at which point I explained he wasn't around for me to do so. He continues to agrue with me saying that the chicken is made with egg and that the egg always burns. I told him how I make it at home and have had this meal at many places where it is not burt. It got so bad that I had to ask him why at this point was he fighting me about this, he was raising his voice and upsetting me. My boyfriend told the waiter to stop and just get us our bill. He got our bill and when I told management what had just happened he only said he would talk to his waiter. There was nothing that would ever make me want to come back here again EVER. ? at Pinocchios Ristorante.


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