Mazda of Mesquite - Mazda of Mesquite - Bad Buying Experience

Posted on Sunday, March 24th, 2013 at 10:21am CDT by Matt C. N.

Product: Mazda CX-5

Company: Mazda of Mesquite

Location: 15900 Lyndon B Johnson Frwy


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

On Tuesday, March 19th I contacted Mazda of Mesquite?s via their Internet Sales Dept. I received an ?Invitation? email immediately from Randy Leyva the Internet Sales Mgr. I attempted to call Randy but he was not in but I spoke to Mr. Chris Jackson and advised him we were interested purchasing a Mazda CX-5 and I gave him the exact VIN number of the vehicle we desired to purchase. Mr. Jackson was very friendly and helpful. Mr. Jackson checked and stated this vehicle was in inventory and had not been sold. I then received an email quoting the price of a Mazda CX-5. On 3/20/13 I received an email from Randy telling me he could offer an additional $300 savings on the Mazda CX-5 good thru 3/25. On 3/20 I called Randy and advised him that we might have a trade-in and would like to get a quote. Randy then sent an email to us asking us to fill out some particulars about our trade-in, which we immediately sent back by email. Also in this email to Randy Leyva, my wife stated ?Please let us know if there is anything we can do to ensure we can buy this particular vehicle.? This same day, I called and spoke to Randy Leyva and told gave him the VIN number of the vehicle and told him that we were interested in purchasing this vehicle and I asked him what we needed to do to hold the vehicle for us. I even told him I would put a down payment of the vehicle. Randy told me the only way to hold the vehicle was to go ahead and fill out the online application to secure financing in lieu of a deposit, which my wife submitted immediately. On 3?20, I got another email from Randy giving me a trade-in value for our car. I emailed Randy back with a counter-bid offer. On 3/20 Randy emailed us and said he had everything ready to go on his end and that the financing was set and pre-approved and for us to please advise. In another email, Randy said he would review figures again with his corporate buyer and see if he could do better (regarding the trade-in we had) and would contact us that evening. On 3/21, Randy sent an email advising us that he could only offer $7000 for our trade-in. On 3/21, we advised Randy that we decided not to trade in out vehicle but that we were still interested in purchasing the new Mazda CX5 and I gave him the same VIN number that I had from the beginning of our dealings. I reviewed the price of vehicle, how much we would be putting down and how much we would be financing. We also advised Randy that we planned to come down to the dealership around 9am, Saturday, March 23rd and to let us know if he needed anything. We proceeded to make a reservation for a car rental to drive down to Mazda of Mesquite to pick up our new vehicle. On Friday, March 22nd, we received an email from Randy stating simply ?Please call me.? Call it premonition, but I let my wife call Randy because I was at work and I figured it wasn?t going to be good news. Boy was I right. When my wife called Randy, he said that the vehicle that we reserved and placed on hold by complying with filing the online financing had been sold to someone else. Randy told my wife that there was another Mazda CX-5 exactly like the one we wanted at another dealership and that he would contact them and call my wife back in 30 minutes. Some hours later, Randy called my wife and advised her that that car had been sold as well but hadn?t been taken off the inventory. Randy told my wife that he could get another Mazda CX-5 like we wanted in 7-10 days. My wife told him no thanks. My wife had to cancel the car rental we had reserved and the cancellation cost us $10. In Randy?s first email to us, he states, ?My only desire is to sell cars and make my customers happy so they will return again and again and refer their friends and family to me. Plain and simple is my goal.? This is one buyer who Randy did NOT make happy and will never return again, nor refer anyone to. My wife, who was without a vehicle at this point because she had sold her car decided to go out and buy a Honda CRV at a local dealership the next day. Thanks Randy and Mazda of Mesquite for a very disappointing experience! Matt Nation of Oklahoma City


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