Chamberlain Restoration - Mark Chamberlain is a scam artist and liar

Posted on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 at 9:59am CDT by ed73045d

Product: Photo

Company: Chamberlain Restoration

Location: 6900 Main Street Suite 140


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This owner Mark Chamberlain has many names that he does business under and they change regulary I am seeing. If the person is Mark Chamberlain, he is a liar and a scam artist and is only interested in your money (cash). He is not interested in doing a job worth the money he charges. He is not interested in making you, the consumer happy.

I have found these names so far; Chamberlain Restoration, Photography and Video by Chamberlain, Photography & Video by Chamberlain, Chamberlain Photography & Video, A Chamberlain Photo & Video, Chamberlain Video/Photography. There is more than one website;

Believe ALL THE NEGATIVE reviews you see! Do not trust BBB rating, there is something fishy there, how can this man have an A+ rating?? Mark Chamberlain boasts that he has done this for over 30 years; wouldn't you consider him a professional who is very very good at his job?? WRONG. You can "restore" the photo just as well as he did by going someplace that has a scanner and playing with the picture with the software. And you can make many attempts at it and still not pay as much as he is charging. And I'm sure you will have a better picture when you finish compared to Mark Chamberlain a so called professional's finished work. Mark Chamberlian is a scam artist and will take your money and then state he did a job and will NOT try to correct anything. Mark Chamberlain requires cash - laugh at this - he will say he will take a check - yeah he will but you will receive NOTHING until the check has cleared and this money grubbing man has the cash in his pocket. If you decide to do business with this man, make Mark Chamberlain (have a witness!) sign a form that you create that states if you are unhappy with his work you want a full refund. Make sure that all commincation with this cheating, lying man, you have a witness to hear both sides.

If anyone takes him to court, I will help you! Contact me.

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Christina W., 2015-02-24, 01:52PM CST

Based on what I saw on his website, I hired Mr.Chamberlain to restore several family photos.

He did a good job on the black and white photos, but the work on the color photos was unacceptable. He charged me $186. to reproduce a color photo. The reproduction was blurry and looked like a series of dots on photo paper.

Definitely not something you would frame and put up in your house. I sent Mr. Chamberlain an e-mail asking for a refund. He called and told me that the photo was out of focus when it was taken and that there were other problems with the original photo.

Didn't he think this should have been shared with me before he took my money???? He admitted that the people who hire him expect him to restore the photos to like-new. If he knew he could not perform as expected he should have told me from the onset. Obviously, he wanted my money and was willing to sell his integrity for $186.

The guy isn't honest and is not going to deliver what he promises.

I'm going to sue him to get my money back. Unless you want to deal with the same headache, go somewhere else.

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