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Posted on Friday, March 22nd, 2013 at 11:34am CDT by sunil m.

Product: indica Dls

Company: tata

Location: JALGAON, MAHARASHTRA, 425502, IN

URL: tatamotors.com

Category: Other

sunil Mahajan


Respected sir ,

I am sunil Madhukar mahajan .I purchased Tata Indica DLS From UJWAL Motors Jalgaon on Dated 2822011 .i went at service station for Last week .but I am not fully satisfied of your service . I have some complaints about you &your service station

1) sir company allotted me free coupons for servicing as par the coupons date when the last date going to be finished company (s.s) should not inform me about it . company should inform customer .I personally thought (s.s) company didn't provide me this facility .that why i am lost the opportunity of free servicing .

2) as per my observation at service station worker never used new cotton material .but I have to pay for it .whenever i went to enquire about it .i didn't get proper answer .

3)As per company owners manual there no need to change fuel filter ( please see page no. 139 in owners manual ) till 10,000 to 10,500 K.M .But the servicing station without informing me changed it . My vehicle has run just 5655K.M . I have doubt about it ? why should I pay for that ? and un necessary chang ? only to get money from customer

4) as per owners manual company (page no 133) recommended H.P.Engine oil .I have Question about it .I purchased recommended engine oil from other distributor But service station center refused to accept it & change engine oil .I asked is there any rule about purchasing engine oil from just authorized S,S. shouldn't customer purchase engine oil for low price then why should I porches it from Service Station ????

5) same incident happened in case of Transaxle OIL There is no need to change the oil at 5655K.M but Service center changed it according to my known owners manual Page no 140 stated that change Transaxle OIL at 20,000K.M. then why changed it? to make money ?

6) Wheel alignment had not done properly .Due to Wrong ) Wheel alignment if any accident happens the Service Station will be responsible for it ( in my Bill it charge for check and adjust .i was asked that check it or not only take Servicecing charg only to make money ????

7) Service Station Don't allow customer to enter inside workshop .How should customer know about weather oil changed or not ? or any work done by them ? I suggestion for company to should change engine oil in presence of customer ...

8) Your work manager didn't answer me in proper manner when i enquired about all the thing &billing process the name of the worker is Vikas it was insulted me and not used proper language

9) owners manual company (page no 143 ) last that was stated that about 20,000 km has a star and mark at and oil change material is chargeable and labor charge free then why should charge for it ????

So please sir ,I hope you will read my complaints and will take action against those &ssolve it i am waiting for your kindly reply ....

Yours Truly

mahajan sunil

ihope you will help me


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