Charter Cable - Charter Trespassed and blinded my dog

Posted on Thursday, March 21st, 2013 at 10:53am CDT by fd4ad818

Company: Charter Cable

Location: US

Category: Internet Services

Charter Cable continues to trespass on my property even after they have been repeatedly forcefully removed by our local police for trespassing. Today, I caught one of their cable guys climbing the fence leaving our yard (usually, I catch them climbing the fence to gain access) and the idiot who was still in my yard, told me he wasn't in my yard.

Charter Cable cable guys have blinded one of my dogs, threatened me that they would be back to kill my dogs - said he was going to bring his gun onto my property and kill my dogs if to say he would kill me if I tried to stop him.

We have 2 cable boxes in our back yard, they are not in the easement, yet charter refuses to pay rent for the boxes and their cable guys keep telling me that they don't have to have my permission to enter my property...even though the Police have repeatedly forced them to leave because they are "trespassing and have no right to enter private property - even to gain access to the cable boxes"

The local Charter Cable company has sent people over in the wee hours of the morning when we are asleep and they climb the fence trespassing not only our yard but our neighbors yards.

I have contacted Charter cable numerous times and they always say they'll take care of it but nothing is ever done.

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42e8f433, 2014-10-01, 11:06AM CDT

I highly doubt your story about your dog being blinded what did they do put a hot poker in your dogs eye as for the taps located behind your house someone or you at some time gave them permission to put those there your just being an a##hole

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