Great Wolf Lodge - Safety is Not an issue with Great Wolf Lodge

Posted on Thursday, March 21st, 2013 at 5:06pm CDT by Lynn D.

Product: Hotel / Entertainment

Company: Great Wolf Lodge

Location: 549 East Rochambeau Drive


Category: Food

My family and I went to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA. The kiddos had a good time in the water park. Here?s what happened to me. First I?ll tell you the room was in worse condition than a Motel 6. The couch was dirty, the coffee table was literally shaking when it was touched because it was ready to fall apart. I didn?t use it because I was afraid they would charge me for breaking it. Next it was difficult using the toilet because the seat was so loose it moved when I sat on it. The curtains were too long and sloppy as well as not able to close correctly so sun light woke me up rather early. I will also mention the white crud on the carpet by the sink.

What this complaint is really about is that Great Wolf Lodge administration has a difficult time taking responsibility for the safety of their clients. I ate in the restaurant. I chose the artichoke hearts in olive oil that was on the buffet. I woke up in the morning throwing up at least a quart of fluid. No food, just fluid. This happened a number of times for the next two days. I didn?t eat or drink anything, but the fluid just kept coming up. Lots of it. My stools were black, when I could go to the bathroom. These are major symptoms of food poisoning. I was able to eat ice chips for 3 days. That?s it. The Food and Beverage Director told me I didn?t get sick from their food. Even though we didn?t eat any where else but in our room with food we brought with us. No one else got sick. No one else ate the artichoke hearts. (The hearts tasted moldy. I certainly didn't finish them. I had 1 and spit out the second one.)

Be careful if you are thinking about going there. They love your money and lots of it, but it doesn't seem they want to stand behind you when it comes to providing a safe environment.


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