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Posted on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 at 1:59pm CDT by Plumber S.

Product: Plumbing

Company: Super Rooter & Plumbing

Location: 5294 Vallejo Street
DENVER, CO, 80221, US


Category: Home, Garden

Had Mark from above company out to fix the FILL VALVE on one toilet. Price was to be $75.00. When he proceeded to turn off the water to toilet using the "shut off value", he said it was still leaking water, and he could not tighten any more because it was plastic and he was afraid of breaking. My first hint was the quickness in which he called his office on his cell phone and gave the phone to me! This person was the "closer" and asked me to pay $250 more to add a NEW SHUT OFF valve. When I said that was too expensive, he said he wanted me to be happy, and lowered it to $150.00. They had two employees standing in my way to the shut off valve. I walked over and TIGHTENED IT MYSELF and the water noise stopped! This is a scam in my opinion. It is very well done. Be aware of this when you are calling for a normal toilet repair. It is a way to UPSALE customers when they are on premises. They use a team approach. It starts with a low cost visit, the plumber discovers that the SHUT OFF VALVE can not be turned off and needs a NEW one. He transfers it via phone to the CLOSER. The closer is very nice and will lower his price until you agree. END.


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