So Refined - missing refund

Posted on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 at 4:00pm CDT by Tom W.

Product: Yves St Laurent Handbag

Company: So Refined

Location: US


Category: Clothing, Shoes, Apparel

Here's how my transaction with "So Refined" went down...

I received my handbag order promptly, but didn't care for it, so returned it and received a response it had been received and a refund of $618.75 would be posted to my credit card account within 15 business days. Well and good.

Well, after a handful of calls and eMail messages, and fifty days, no refund has shown up.

The reason offered for the delay is that they DID post a refund (late), need time to investigate why it didn't reach my account and will call back with the result.

After many days, they didn't call, so I did and was told their terminal is down and I should get my credit card company, Chase, involved and ask them to post a reversal because they cannot. Hmmm... If they can't post a refund, can they post a charge? If so, how can they stay in business?

Chase has graciously offered to do the reversal, but is curious why they have not been able to contact "So Refined".

As for the authenticity of the bag, websites that help identify Louis Vuitton knock-offs, indicate the merch fits the description. This because the straps were pink rather than tan, the "Louis Vuitton" stamp impression was uneven and there was no serial number anywhere in/on it.

Is this a deliberate stall or the result of an inefficient operation? I do a lot of online shopping and all I can say is it's extremely unusual.


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