Hyundai Motors - Defective Sunvisors

Posted on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 at 5:25am CDT by Michael B.

Product: Hyundai 1997 Elantra

Company: Hyundai Motors

Location: Hyundai Motor America P.O. Box 20850 Fountain Valley, CA 92728-0850


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

My 2007 Hyundai Elantra now has TWO broken sun-visors. They no longer reliably stay in the upright position, and tend to fall down at random times, and block my view of the road, creating a safety hazard. I have had to glue and tape them for now, as Hyundai Motors refuses to address this matter. On searching the internet, I located hundreds, if not thousands of similar reportings. Seems there is an inherit design flaw, allow the cheap plastic to break, as it is under tension at all times. Hyundai has apparently recently redesigned this part. The local dealership let me know that Corporate must approve any free replacement, and Corporate sent me an email telling me to visit my dealer, and thus the two entities refuse to take action. A replacement visor costs about 160 dollars plus installation, not inexpensive by any means, and I need two. I even offered to replace them on my own, if they give me the redesigned parts. They blew me off, and said they stand by their earlier response. And so Hyundai has decided not to recall and replace this defective part, and thus help prevent a serious accident when the driver is unable to see the road on the sudden dropping of the sun-visor. My warning should be taken seriously, this is a safety issue, so be wary. And keep in mind, Hyundai apparently feels this matter is not covered in anyway, thus forcing the consumer to purchase a replacement part after the fact. Phooey with them, I will consider buying another car brand, one that takes safety issues more seriously.


Robert Allyn L., 2013-03-20, 08:46AM CDT

6 year old car

How long has it been since the warranty expired?

Michael B., 2013-03-20, 04:00PM CDT

I was asked how long it has been since the warranty expired. The car has more than one warranty, I think the power train goes for 100,000.

Not sure how long any other warranty might last, but in my opinion, this

is a safety issue, and there are hundreds of similar reportings all over the internet. My 2007 Elantra is hardly ever used, has about 31,000 mile on it, and in all this time, I might have used the driver sun visor a dozen times. The plastic just breaks, as it is under constant tension. Both the driver and passenger sun visors have the exact breakage. The part has a design flaw. And so it goes.... be very careful if you have a similar car, as the visor may come down at an inopportune time, and block your vision. Shame on Hyundai!!!

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