Chrysler - Rust of Rear Axles

Posted on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 at 7:36pm CDT by Toledo

Product: 2013 Dodge Ram

Company: Chrysler



Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

I recently bought a new Dodge Ram 1500 and discovered there was a severe amount of rust which has already formed on the rear axle. Upon lodging a warranty complaint I reviewed many other new Rams and found everyone to have extensive corrosion starting. I decided to check out their competition and notices of the six Silverados I inspected, all had a nice black luster to their rear axles.

I have had multiple conversations with various Customer Service Rep's at chrysler and they basically have stated there isn't a problem with the function of their vehicle. But, they said they would be willing to pay for $600. of an $800. repair. Now, after paying $30k for a new vehicle you would think chrysler would be more interested in their Mission Statement "improve customer satisfaction by eliminating customer experienced warranty conditions". I consider this rust to be a visual defect and what is the difference if the rust was on the doors, hood, taigate, or axle. It is all in sight of individuals viewing it through their windshields or underneath it while waiting at stop lights..

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3fd51510, 2013-06-21, 03:40PM CDT

In principle I agree there shouldn't be rust the axle of a brand new truck but it really doesn't hurt the function. Not sure where the $800 repair comes in at. Honestly I could be a $5 or $10 can of paint and make it look like new which is the path that I would have gone down. Not sure many people will be crawling around parking lots looking at your axle or any others for that matter.

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