State Bank of Patiala Dadu Majra colony,Sector38(W)chandigarh - Fraudulent ATM Transaction

Posted on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 at 3:48am CDT by Ritu L.

Product: Fraudulent ATM Transaction

Company: State Bank of Patiala Dadu Majra colony,Sector38(W)chandigarh

Location: State Bank of Patiala Dadu Majra colony,Sector38(W)chandigarh

Category: Business, Finances


Myself is Ritu Lakhanpal,residing at flat#304,Mayfair apartments,sec.70,Mohali and working in UT Education Department Chandigarh as lecturer(English).My salary account lies with State Bank of Patiala Dadu Majra branch sector 38(W) Chandigarh.On the morning of 20th August,2012 I received three alert sms on my moblie dat three withdrawls of amount Rs.10000,10000,2300 amounting to total amount of Rs.22300 have been made from my account through ATM card at Axis Bank ATM Mumbai,Though I Ws at mohali and my ATM card was lying wid me only.As it was a holiday and bank was closed I went to local police station and lodged The complaint about fraudulent transaction from my bank account.Next day i informed my bank about the whole incident and they assured me that they will restore the money following a procedure.I provided DDR to them.After long wait on 21.11.2012,I received a copy of application which my bank has sent to Axis bank at Mumbai asking them to provide video footage of the transaction done.Each month I go to bank after dat and ask the manager about latest development But till now They are waiting for video footage from Mumbai bank.One month back I gave my bank an application that i need the money immediately,and if I dont get it back in 15days,I will seek help from Consumer court but till date,to no avail.So I request your goodself to intervene in the matter and help me to get my hard earned money back.

I shall be highly grateful to you.

My ATM card# 6038455042900020161.

In anticipation,

Ritu Lakhanpal.


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