Betsy Wansing - Cancelled Gym Membership

Posted on Tuesday, March 19th, 2013 at 11:41am CDT by Betsy W.

Company: Betsy Wansing

Location: US

Category: Unauthorized Charges

My husband joined Gold?s Gym in January 2011 in Dothan, Alabama. He signed up for ?Custom Build? (personal trainer services) which is contracted to Club Administrative Services for pay. Although my husband should have read the contract, instead he just listened to the summarize contract from the personal trainer who said ?initial these 3 boxes, it?s what everybody does.? Unaware my husband just signed up for services that cost $80 per month on top of gym membership. In October 2011 we moved to Missouri but before leaving I cancelled his gym membership. I sent a letter to Club Administrative Services in October of 2011 to cancel services; I still have my fax confirmation. My husband used our credit card for the ?Custom Build? services. Last month I reviewed our credit card statement (which I never look it over in detail, I just check acquired interest) but I see a transaction that is from Club Administrative Services which I have seen before but I just thought it was a service fee from the credit card company so I never questioned it. I call our credit card because I am getting tired of the $80 service fee and they tell me it?s from ?Custom Build?. I called Custom Build and explain he situation stating we have been being charged $80 for the past 15 months unaware. I told them I cancelled the services in October of 2011. They state, ?Well did you call to follow up on your fax ?? I told them I still had the confirmation and that I didn?t realize you had to follow up on a fax. Custom Build tells me since my husband initials the contract that there is nothing they could do and I should have followed up on the fax. They will do NOT do anything about the $1200 that was charged to our credit card for services that should have been cancelled. I am so upset with myself for not catching the automatic credit card draft but more upset with Club Administrative Services for not do ANYTHING about! Terrible customer service at the company, terrible representatives at the gym ?tricking? people into these contracts without explaining the contracts. I am so upset with Administrative Services and hope their company feels good about STEALING money from hard working individuals for services never rendered! Never sign a contract that has anything to do with Club Administrative Services!!!!


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