iRobot - Out-of-box defective device

Posted on Friday, March 15th, 2013 at 6:19am CDT by Rodrigo T.

Product: Virtual Light Houses

Company: iRobot

Location: iRobot 8 Crosby Drive Bedford, MA 01730 Phone: 781.430.3000 Fax: 781.430.3001
BEDFORD, MA, 01730, US


Category: Consumer Electronics

I bought two virtual lighthouses, when I tried use they were defective. Contacting iRobot for replace took a long time in a very slow customer reply. Very time iRobot look for excuses to not do that is very simple they sold a defective product they need just replace, sound so easy the problem to me I don't understand the matter. The main problem was that I bought but travel abroad and was writing from an outside country. Finally they agree in replace, but I need post inside the country ok that is reasonable but impossible to me in that moment. In the very moment that I return I tried again make the return and now for my great surprise, instead of just replace that would be fair and easy I receive a reply (again a very slow reply from custom service) inform that I was beyond replacement period.

Worth to mention that:

- Companies that show respect for the customer usually doesn't make hard replace broken products actually usually they do a RECALL when they know that is a quality control problem;

- This problem an epic fail of a product out of the box and very restrict rules to fix their qualities problems should make every one thing about, maybe neato robotics is an opnion for product that simply doesn't work and companies that abandon you; (A fail out-of-the-box make you feel a foo, and a lack of support make you be sure that the companies foolish you. Think about Does you want be foolish? Maybe avoid buy from iRobot is wise)

- Although I understand that iRobot will say simply that I was beyond the replacement period. Everyone should judge for yourselves. I contact in the period, they knew that was a batch with problems, sent a broken item was their entire responsibility, they never mention that was a period to send and i made all things as soon as possible to me, despite all this iRobot stick to his police.


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