4Smartphone.net - Be Wary of 4Smartphone.net

Posted on Friday, March 15th, 2013 at 5:17pm CDT by 9986f30b

Product: Hosted Exchange

Company: 4Smartphone.net

Location: 8707 E San Martin Dr

URL: http://www.4smartphone.net

Category: Computers, Software

I signed up with 4Smartphone.net in October of 2006 (I know ? a loooong time ago). This was my first foray into hosted Exchange, and I was really looking at it for the ability to get my email and other mailbox data on my phone (hence going with a company called 4Smartphone). At the time, I didn?t have my own domain, and so I was using Yahoo! email as my primary email address, which is another reason I chose 4Smartphone (since they?d let me use my Yahoo! email account with their service). After signing up, things quickly went downhill. I had a lot of problems, and ended up having to submit a lot of support tickets, many of which were ignored until I repeatedly re-submitted them. At one point (only 3 months in to my service), their support department basically told me I complain too much and wanted me gone (going so far as to state they would refund all of my money if I would just leave their service ? what kind of business does that?). However, I had pre-paid already, and even though I?d get everything back, it was a hassle to switch and I instead wanted them to honor their commitment to me and what they had promised they would provide to me. Unfortunately, the last straw came when just 5 months into using the service, their entire system came crashing down. As a result, I was without access to most of my data for at least a week, and in the end their ?restore? process missed restoring a lot of my data (luckily I had my own backups so I didn?t lose anything). I finally decided it wasn?t worth it to stick with a company that had such a poor record of providing service and support, and immediately left them for another hosted Exchange provider. Oh yeah, and when I tried to get that ?full refund? they had promised me a few months back, they just ignored me (even though another customer forwarded me his back-and-forth with this company in which they provided him a full refund due to the system crash). Obviously, a lot can change in 7 years, but I?m just posting this review as a warning to be cautious with this company, as I was a customer of theirs and they treated me incredibly poorly.


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