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Posted on Thursday, March 14th, 2013 at 4:21pm CDT by john r.

Company: reachout wireless

Location: US


Category: Telecommunications

i have government service thru reachout wireless.i had to upgrade my phone so i did.i received a phone that was not what i ordered and paid did not work.i was told to return the phone which i did it is over 3 weeks and now i am being told that they did not receive it and they refuse to give me another phone.


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T V., 2013-04-30, 01:50PM CDT

I have problems with reachout wireless as well. The phone I had from them was very glitchy and did not always work until it completely died a little over two months ago. I went to Reachout's website and ordered a replacement phone for $29. A few weeks later, it had not arrived so I logged into reachout's live chat customer service. I had to wait almost a couple of hours on hold in a chat room to chat with a representative. The Customer service rep checked the status for me and told me that my payment did go through and was received a few weeks prior, and that the whole shipping process would take between 11-21 days. So I waited another couple of weeks and it still had not received the phone in the mail. I logged back into their live chat ( had to wait a couple hours to speak with a customer service rep)and I asked if they could provide tracking info, which they said they could not provide and that I should wait another 11-21 days! Well, come two months after I initially ordered it, I still did not receive the phone I paid for! I wait about an hour and half to chat with Customer service and now they tell me that it was never sent off because they do not have confirmation of payment! I told this customer service rep that it doesn't add up because a previous customer rep confirmed that the payment did go through. Also I have record of the $29 being charged to my Credit Card account from Reachout Wireless on my Credit card statement! The rep was extremely stubborn in denying that they have record of my payment to them, and said that they cannot send me the phone until I send them my credit card statement to prove it! I was not willing to go through that kind of hassle to maybe or maybe not get my cheap refurbished phone finally sent, so I said I'd just take up a dispute with them through my credit card company (Capitol One). The rep said that if I did that Capital One would take back the money I paid to Reachout as well as charge them an extra $20, and if that happened, it would automatically cancel my account with reachout and If I ever wanted my account back, I'd have to pay Reachout back both of the fees that Capital One might charge them with! I told the service rep that I don't want service with such an incompetent company and will take my business elsewhere! I mean this customer service rep was extremely stubborn, rude and unwilling to make things right! I have children at home and they have left me without a phone for over two months! I would have cancelled earlier and set up with another company if I'd had known Reachout would be so screwy, but every day I thought maybe my phone would arrive in the mail.. But no, they took my money and never planned on sending it out!

Be forewarned, ReachOut is a very shady company that takes Government grants and also swindles from their low income customers, many of whom happen to be elderly as well.

anthony m., 2014-02-13, 08:05PM CST

I got my cell phone and when I went to set up my voicemail. I forgot my password. now I have no way of checking my voicemail messages. how do I get my password. I don't remember it . and I need to check my voicemail messages. Can you please call me at 916-204-5103 or text me as soon as possible because ever since the first initial setup for phone I am unable to retrieve my messages.

diane d., 2016-01-25, 07:14AM CST

This is going to be the fourth phone I have to return iPhone 4 the screens go black after 2/3months. I am owed $144.00 for one phone. Bought another for $125.00 Now I have to return again-I lose all my info - have no phone for 2 weeks-have to pay shipping-The whole inconvenience.. I have credit card complaint in for $144.00 now. I can never reach anyone.

I do not have this kind of money to lose. I need help to get a working phone.I am so unhappy right now!!!!!!

8f84aea3, 2016-01-25, 07:22AM CST

you all need to contact the better business bureau.i had their service and had a problem i contacted the BBB and i got my phone and have not did not have any trouble with them after.

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