Computer Room - laptop destruction

Posted on Thursday, March 14th, 2013 at 4:59pm CDT by ruth b.

Company: Computer Room

Location: SHILOH, IL, US

Category: Computers, Software

I recently took my laptop into this store because it was having issues with running hot and turning off and on. They recommended what is called a re flow. this was completed i picked up my laptop took it home and i had no sound (sound was working just fine when i took it in). took it back to the store and the tech said they would Re flow it again no problem. well imagine my surprise today when i called them to see if my computer was ready and i was informed that my graphics chip was no longer functional when i asked why i was told they attempted to re flow it several times trying to get my sound to work and due to this process my computer was no longer functional, had i been warned ahead of time that this was a remote possibility i would have lived without the sound. instead i now have no computer at all. So i paid for the re flow and the service and well they will refund me $40 dollars of the $94 i spent ... wow.... so i dropped off a working laptop to now turn around and i will be picking up my laptop in pieces. then when i spoke to the owner i heard the usual crap..... she was in no way sympathetic to my plight, she was actually abrasive with an attitude, treating me like i was stupid and did not understand what i was talking about. My biggest issue here is the fact that i was not warned that this procedure repeated again could destroy my laptop. she stated that the chip was already going bad..... if that was the case then why would they knowingly repeat the re flow knowing that this could be the outcome, without warning me?

Again they should have warned me that by doing the re flow again that it could possibly render my computer useless so i could have been given the choice whether to do it or not. like people can just run out and buy a new laptop at the drop of a hat. this was why i took my laptop to them in the first place. i will not use their services again and i would warn people about having your laptop serviced there. they should be responsible for my laptop since they did not warn me about the risks involved with this stupid re flow process.


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