bhim enterprises - company(sepia) not giving 1 lakh rupees

Posted on Thursday, March 14th, 2013 at 12:12pm CDT by BHIM S.

Company: bhim enterprises

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I have given money to a company who didn't kept his promise. I am talking about SEPIA(Vivaan Fashions Private Limited). One officier of that company said me that they want to give a franchisees of SEPIA company to me. Then, we had an oral discussion about the deal. But, they didn't give any MOI or signed any agreement from me. Then, he asked me to deposit a 1lakh rupee check to the company for security which is considered to be refundable whether the deal get final or not.

On 11 oct, I deposited a check of 1lakh rupee to Vivaan Fashion Private Limited with a check no. 893533. But that check got bounced because of some reason which i don't know because my sign was perfectly matching and also my account is having as much sufficient balance that it can clear the check. Then I asked the reason for my bounced check from bank, but they have no ans of it. I think any person of the company have done something wrong with my check due to which the check get bounced. But on the same day and on same time, I transfered the 1lakh rupee check(check no. 893535) to their account(through rtgs).

According to company's officier, company's MOI or agreement should be signed by the date 11oct. But, no paper get signed by 11 oct and also i didn't received any MOI. On 16 oct, my check get cleared. But upto 16 oct also, they neither signed any agreement nor mailed me any MOI.

On 20 oct, because of some reason I canceled the deal with SEPIA company and demanded for my refundable money from company. But the company transparently ignored for the money and said that it has been mentioned in the MOI that money is not refundable. But, the truth is that i didn't received that MOI.

Now, on my demand of my payment, they are making me afraid. And, saying that if I did any legal action then they will apply that bounced check to court.

Through the medium of your channel I want to send this information to sepia company and request them to refund my money.

I request "Phredar" to understand my problem and provide me that 1lakh rupee back to me which is my right.

Thank you

Bhim singla

cell n 9255121450






Some mails of SEPIA company:

'Vishal' <[email protected]>;

[email protected]

Mihir Somaiya <[email protected]>

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r m., 2013-04-12, 03:42AM CDT

Pay bribe to Mr Rakesh Modi and he will help you refund the money.

He is doing a lot of thing sitting as CEO of Sepia like supplying his own sarees, dress materials and stuff like that also taking margins / bribes from Vendors.

Paying bribes to various company executives and making profits. And he himself is involved in personal businesses, sourcing from Surat under various firms /companies

Shocking is he also has set people in various companies and competitors for collecting insider information and manipulations.

They dont have any morale or ethics.

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