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Posted on Thursday, March 14th, 2013 at 10:23pm CDT by James S.

Product: HP Lovecraft Figure

Company: Arkham Studios

Location: 7746 Clybourn Ave.


Category: Arts, Crafts

In August of 2011, I ordered an HP Lovecraft figure from Arkham Studios. When it did not arrive after two months, I contacted the owner, Bryan Moore, via e-mail. He responded saying he was busy filling orders and would get to mine "next." My order still did not arrive. I contacted him several more times for over a year. He replied to most of my e-mails promising to send my order "soon." The last contact was in January 2013 via Facebook. He apologized and said he would send my order "next week." Two months later, I still have not received my order nor been given a refund.

The phone number for Arkham Studios has been disconnected and Mr. Moore lists no physical address on his website. The last available address I've found for him is in Sun Valley, although I've heard that he has since moved to somewhere in Iowa. Like a lot of shady characters, I believe he is intentionally making himself difficult to track down. He continues to operate his business on the internet.


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Dan L., 2013-12-22, 03:18PM CST

Rip off artist extradinaire. They arre'nt in Cali anymore but here's their new address.

Arkham Studio

621 So. Main St.

Sac City Iowa 50583

(712)662-8064 and 661-9579

He raised $28,000 over what he was trying for with his kick starter campaign and donated $1,000. of it so I would say that was some profit he made aside from ripping us all off for years now. There are a lot of people on the list.I can't wait for his next kickstarter because I will be in line warning people on day 1.

Dan L., 2014-01-09, 12:47PM CST

Back in November someone wrote on kickstarter: I'm really disappointed in the huge delay in getting out rewards...3 months late if it came today. Now you say you have to clear you decks and won't be shipping till after the holidays? Also, you encouraged folks to give beyond your $30,000 goal -- saying you would make a generous donation to the children's library. I was shocked to find out your "generous" donation was a measly $1,000.

The answer;A project like this is not for profit. Creating the bust itself cost quite a lot as well as crating, shipping and installing it at the library. Shipping charges for all the rewards, hidden kickstarter and Amazon fees all adds up too, so the donation to the children's literacy program was hardly "measly". They were very appreciative and we were glad to make the donation in Lovecraft's name and YOURS as a backer.

If it was not for profit and they don't allow raising of money and it says they don't even for Red Cross and big charity shouldn't he have stopped collecting money when he reached his goal?

On facebook he writes: Also, I'm noticing that sometimes folks think it's okay to leave the occasional negative comment here on posts. Those negative comments are deleted immediately and if the commenter persists, they are banned from the page.

And this is followed by 34 comments saying emails wont go through and where are orders.

He isn't an artist he is a conartist.

John K., 2014-04-12, 04:32PM CDT

The con artist is now going to raise money for another kick starter bust only this time its Poe. Hopefully after waiting for over 6 mos people wont be as quick to make donations to his pockets.I gave up on what I was owed but I did write to the Internal Revenue Service about him and his "business".

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