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Posted on Thursday, March 14th, 2013 at 10:23pm CDT by James S.

Product: HP Lovecraft Figure

Company: Arkham Studios

Location: 7746 Clybourn Ave.


Category: Arts, Crafts

In August of 2011, I ordered an HP Lovecraft figure from Arkham Studios. When it did not arrive after two months, I contacted the owner, Bryan Moore, via e-mail. He responded saying he was busy filling orders and would get to mine "next." My order still did not arrive. I contacted him several more times for over a year. He replied to most of my e-mails promising to send my order "soon." The last contact was in January 2013 via Facebook. He apologized and said he would send my order "next week." Two months later, I still have not received my order nor been given a refund.

The phone number for Arkham Studios has been disconnected and Mr. Moore lists no physical address on his website. The last available address I've found for him is in Sun Valley, although I've heard that he has since moved to somewhere in Iowa. Like a lot of shady characters, I believe he is intentionally making himself difficult to track down. He continues to operate his business on the internet.


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Dan L., 2013-12-22, 03:18PM CST

Rip off artist extradinaire. They arre'nt in Cali anymore but here's their new address.

Arkham Studio

621 So. Main St.

Sac City Iowa 50583

(712)662-8064 and 661-9579

He raised $28,000 over what he was trying for with his kick starter campaign and donated $1,000. of it so I would say that was some profit he made aside from ripping us all off for years now. There are a lot of people on the list.I can't wait for his next kickstarter because I will be in line warning people on day 1.

Dan L., 2014-01-09, 12:47PM CST

Back in November someone wrote on kickstarter: I'm really disappointed in the huge delay in getting out rewards...3 months late if it came today. Now you say you have to clear you decks and won't be shipping till after the holidays? Also, you encouraged folks to give beyond your $30,000 goal -- saying you would make a generous donation to the children's library. I was shocked to find out your "generous" donation was a measly $1,000.

The answer;A project like this is not for profit. Creating the bust itself cost quite a lot as well as crating, shipping and installing it at the library. Shipping charges for all the rewards, hidden kickstarter and Amazon fees all adds up too, so the donation to the children's literacy program was hardly "measly". They were very appreciative and we were glad to make the donation in Lovecraft's name and YOURS as a backer.

If it was not for profit and they don't allow raising of money and it says they don't even for Red Cross and big charity shouldn't he have stopped collecting money when he reached his goal?

On facebook he writes: Also, I'm noticing that sometimes folks think it's okay to leave the occasional negative comment here on posts. Those negative comments are deleted immediately and if the commenter persists, they are banned from the page.

And this is followed by 34 comments saying emails wont go through and where are orders.

He isn't an artist he is a conartist.

John K., 2014-04-12, 04:32PM CDT

The con artist is now going to raise money for another kick starter bust only this time its Poe. Hopefully after waiting for over 6 mos people wont be as quick to make donations to his pockets.I gave up on what I was owed but I did write to the Internal Revenue Service about him and his "business".

Nick, 2014-05-12, 04:04PM CDT

Hey all. I'm trying to get in touch with Moore for a story about the aforementioned Poe bust project in Boston. I'd love to hear your stories about him and the busts directly. Feel free to shoot me an email Nick[At]Streetwise-Media[Dot]com. Thanks!

David L., 2014-06-06, 02:07PM CDT

I have ordered two statues from Bryan Moore at Arkham Studios. I never received either of them. I have been waiting for nearly FOUR YEARS! Bryan has responded to me, sporadically, over the years, telling me to keep hanging on and that he has a mountain of backorders to fill. Of course he keeps on taking new orders and making that mountain bigger!

Then in 2013/14 he brought in a friend named Mike Kalb to run Arkham Studios while he focussed on creating the HP Lovecraft bronze bust Kickstarter. He said he was handing over the business to Mike. There were Facebook posts showing orders supposedly being shipped out. Around this time the Arkham Studios Facebook page removed the option to message them. And I noticed posts made by folks inquiring about their orders were removed and told to PM Bryan directly. In need of answers I finally had to contact the Edgar Allen Poe bronze bust Facebook page to get a response since no one had been responding to my emails for quite some time. Bryan told me that Mike's time was done and he had left, and all outstanding orders had been shipped out! He told me to PM directly through Facebook to see what had happened to my order. I did so and received no reply. I've tried again and again but Bryan Moore has stopped responding to me altogether, despite the fact that I have never been anything but pleasant to him and came to his defense over the years when so many others were calling him out as a scam artist.

I have no idea who is running Arkham Studios now as the Facebook and webpage have not been updated in a long time and Mike is gone, according to Bryan himself. Despite the fact that I and the others who have recently commented on the Facebook page have never received our orders, I can see Mr. Moore has moved onto the more lucrative world of Kickstarters, and he is soon to be launching his second Bronze Bust project for Edgar Allen Poe soon. I may be out around four hundred dollars and some pride but I urge everyone to not do business with this man. He is a smooth talker and may indeed ship the occasional item, but there are years worth of reviews here and elsewhere from those who never got their orders to show he is not worth your money.

2608e8c3, 2014-06-27, 05:11AM CDT

England. 2014-06-27

Just found this site, and having read through I can add another to the long list of people who have been led on by bryan (for over 2 years in my case). I ordered 2 pieces from Arkham in February 2012 and had many communications back and forth in the early weeks, with excuses as to why my order hadn't been shipped, but not to worry 'I always deliver!' ... Only he doesn't. Like the previous reviewer David L., I have deliberately made an effort to remain polite and even inject some humour into my communications, and appealed to bryan's sense of 'doing the right thing', but he seems to be only interested in himself, and his 'customers' appear to mean nothing to him - nor, surprisingly does his reputation - So many people have complained about him , that I'm surprised he just lets it all roll over him without a concern. If you ever read this Bryan - I kind of get it that you've laughed all the way to the bank with my money - hope you enjoyed spending it, but also hope that you don't sleep so well at night.

Stephan S., 2014-06-30, 12:04PM CDT

Sadly, this same unpleasant situation ocurred to me; more than two years ago I ordered a statue from Bryan Moore, and many excuses later I still did not receive it!

The few folks who received his goodies probably are his friends, so it seems that, for the rest of us, the only thing that we will receive from him is his mockery...

Nick, 2014-10-20, 10:56AM CDT

Hey all.

Boston-based writer here. I've covered many of the current Edgar Allan Poe initiatives taking place, including a bust Bryan Moore is sculpting for the Boston Public Library.

Is there anyone willing to talk about their experience with Bryan Moore on the record? Would truly appreciate gauging the extent of his potential fraudulence.

James S., 2014-10-21, 10:11PM CDT

Nick -

As the person who posted the original complaint here, I have no problem talking on the record about Bryan's "business" practices. I'm sure you'll find no shortage of others who are more than happy to speak up as well. If you want to talk to me, please let me know how to contact you.

Nick, 2014-10-21, 10:38PM CDT

James - I'm available at [email protected] Looking forward to connecting.

Stephan S., 2014-10-29, 07:05AM CDT

Upon Once a Time

There was a con artist

Who, alongside his pals, decided

To rip every hard-earned dime

From his non-famous clients!

Using for this daunting fraud

The image of the important people

Who think that he is trustable!

Yes, he is honest indeed,

But only to his friends, to famous buddies and to Public Libraries!

Question is,

Who would like to have his name linked

To a disguised thief

Who should be arrested

And not be awarded!!!

Stephan S., 2014-10-29, 07:28AM CDT

Just correcting a sentence: "Once Upon a Time"... I hope that maybe I can be forgiven for this grammatical mistake.

Happy Halloween for all, except for those who help thieves go alongside with other people's money safely...

Perry, 2014-10-31, 08:11PM CDT

I thought I was the only one.

He's a smooth talker and makes you feel sorry for him and then he blocks you. A real con.

Stephan S., 2015-03-23, 12:32PM CDT

How wonderful is the life of a scam artist; you can rip-off dozens - maybe HUNDREDS - of customers around the World, and, even after all the evidence against him, he still is nominated for the 13TH ANNUAL RONDO HATTON CLASSIC HORROR AWARDS as one of the BEST FAN EVENTS of 2014:

I think that the next step will be a waxwork of Mr.Bryan Moore personna - not done by him, I hope - in the Madame Tussaud's NY Museum or even a star with his name on the Hall of Fame...

David L., 2015-04-16, 09:38AM CDT

I am compelled to write here and state that, after five and a half years, both of my pieces that I ordered from Arkham Studios showed up in the mail today! I was completely shocked as I had not had any contact with Bryan Moore for a long time. I had lost hope that I would ever see the items that I paid for so long ago, but here they are now. It is a pleasant surprise and I feel the need to say that Bryan has made good on his word to this one particular customer. I hope the others out there find themselves in similar happy situations. But, as for me, Mr. Moore has regained his good standing.

- David L.

James S., 2015-07-02, 03:11PM CDT

Wow. Unbelievably, after nearly four years, my HPL statue has arrived! I'm still in shock. It arrived with no explanation or apology for the delay - it didn't even come with an invoice. The head was detached, but it was easily fixed with a bit of super glue, so I'm not going to quibble about such a trivial detail. I'm just glad to have finally gotten what I paid for and now I can put this matter behind me. I have to admit, the statue is nice piece of work. (Now that its head is back on.) Bryan Moore is a very talented artist - it's just too bad he can't be a bit more professional about fulfilling orders in a timely manner.

Stephan S., 2015-07-15, 01:10PM CDT

Finally I received my Anton LaVey statue ordered "moore" than 2 years ago(it was sent in the end of this June). The head came detached too, but since that it can fixed with glue,I will not complain about this minor fault.The work as a whole is a masterpiece, though!

Whatever he delivered it now - and many other orders - due to the negative exposion of his (old, I hope)way of doing business I don't know, but, at least, my battle is over. Maybe from now on he won't delay too much his new orders, but, for me, once is enough...

14c57590, 2015-08-13, 06:34PM CDT

If anyone cares to know, he now grooming young women and sleeping with them out in his bumfuck shop in Iowa. At this point, if you're waiting on an order still after years of waiting, just do yourself a favor and dig out your sales receipt, and turn him into the police for fraud. He needs to be taken down.

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