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Posted on Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 at 2:58am CDT by Mike L.

Product: www.charmdvd.com

Company: www.charmdvd.com

Location: CA

URL: www.charmdvd.com

Category: TV, Music, Video

Guys, beware of CharmDVD! I placed an order for the Dark Shadows set and my product never arrived! I always do some follow-ups and they?ve been ignoring my phone calls and emails! What kind of company is this!! Full of lies and scams!! I regret the day I ordered from this website and for those who didn?t placed any order yet, stay away from their website or you?ll just waste some bucks!! After a few investigation I found out that this is the same company as DVDtiger who will get you many will never ship this product. I already contacted the police and also found out that this guys are based in Canada!!! So buyer, beware of www.charmdvd.com - 101% SCAMMERS!!!


Alexa Garfield, 2013-03-14, 01:08AM CDT

Same scenario! I have emailed chamdvd.com a couple of times. The only reply I've received was an email telling me they could not locate my order. What kind of reason is that! After taking my money with just one snap, they did not deliver my order and saying that it got lost! These guys are professional scammers! Do not order from them they are bunch of crooks!! Go buy somewhere else!

Rachael H., 2013-03-15, 12:40AM CDT

I ordered Mama?s Family from this website last 02-01-13 for $49.00 and never received it. Emailed many times, got apologies after apologies for the delay explaining those blah blah reasons! Now, it?s been almost 7 weeks and I never received product! charmdvd.com sucks!

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