Metro Cleaners II - Bad customer service and fraud

Posted on Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 at 10:19am CDT by 9991c063

Product: Dry cleaning

Company: Metro Cleaners II

Location: 9900 Greenbelt Rd Lanham, MD 20706
LANHAM, 20706, US

Category: Other

Metro Cleaners 2 ripped me off. I paid $15 to have a pair of pants altered, that is, taken in from the waist down the hips. I went to pick the pants up several days after the scheduled pick up date only to learn the pants had not been altered. I waited 30 minutes for the seamstress/owner to make the alterations. I took the pants home and tried them on and realized only the waist had been taken in and not the sides/thighs. I returned the pants explaining the missing alterations and the owner was belligerent and yelling in Chinese and refused to alter the pants. She told me I had to talk to Kim. I visited 3 more times over several weeks to try to speak to Kim. On my 5th visit I spoke to Kim who explained that the $15 I paid was to alter the waist only, however, the seamstress/owner had pinned the pants through the hips in order to get the correct aizing for the alteration. Kim and the owner refused to alter the pants to my satisfaction expaining the $15 was for waist alteration only and to take in the hips would be another $18...a total of $33 to take pants in from waist to hips. This is absurd. They refusd to alter the pants or return my money. I have done business with this cleaners for 15 years but they are now under new ownership. I am disgusted and angry that Kim and the owner ripped me off of $15 and the time, energy and effort it took to go to the cleaners 5 times only to gain no satisfaction. They lost a customer and I warn others to beware of these people who are only about a $1 and no customer service.


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