Barnes And Noble - HORRIBLE Customer Service and Liars

Posted on Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 at 11:20am CDT by Robert B.

Product: Customer Service @ New York Corporate

Company: Barnes And Noble

Location: NY, US

Category: Books

First of all, I was charged for there yearly membership fee a month ahead of time without any notice, email, phonecall, text. I called there customer service line and spoke with a "Joyce" who was hard to understand and explained the situation to her. She agreed and told me that she would reverse the fee. Waited a few days and nothing. Called back again and this time spoke with a "Victoria" also hard to understand who told me that "Joyce" never followed thriugh with the request and wasnt sure the reasons on why?? Joyce now assures me that she will process it for me this time and for me to call back yet again to make sure that it was done 24 hours later. Why should I call back yet again?? I waited yet again and again nothing. So, I called a third time and this time asked for a manager and was put through to a "Carla" who yet again assures me that she see's the credit was indeed requested and now blames my bank for waiting a few buisness days to show up. LOL I waited yet again and nothing!! I had enough!!! So the only way to make this credit happen after a week was to file a claim with my bank for the charge instead. It only takes my bank 24 hours for the charge to appear I was told. Not sure what kind of game Barnes And Noble's is playing here. That's a total of 3 customer service reps including a manager that were just playing me and leading me on and did nothing at all that they were telling me. Will never do buisness with them ever again. Reading alot of other comments as well I know Im not the only one. Steer clear.


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