- is a GIANT SCAM!

Posted on Sunday, March 10th, 2013 at 3:32pm CDT by 136ffb89


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Category: Internet Services is a GIANT SCAM! THEY OWN MUGSHOTSPLANET.COM!


Go to on any mugshot. The ONLY removal option is to contact Gary Bloom, owner of the database and of ''.

Here is my story! I found my mugshot was published on a website and accessible VIA search engines like Google!

I accessed the site and looked all through it. Next to my mugshot was an offer to remove it.I wasn't sure about the legality of this and asked some friends. A 'Remove This Mugshot' link was readily available next to my mugshot and all the mugshots they published. I was thinking "this is a nice little scam these people have".

Reluctantly, I clicked the link and was able to input my credit card, hoping the site would remove the mugshot. There was no third-party agency involved. I paid the site DIRECTLY to remove it.

When I checked my credit card account to see who billed me, I was shocked to see that merchant listed on the transaction was INTERNETREPUTATION.COM! They conveniently LEFT THEIR NAME OFF THE RECEIPT!

Turns out, they flat-out OWN the mugshot site and charge people to remove them. AND NOW, MY MUGSHOT IS APPEARING ON OTHER WEBSITES! Guess who the merchant is when I go to remove them? INTERNETREPUTATION.COM!

And then have the audacity to call themselves a "reputation firm" HOGWASH! CRIMINAL!

I am making this report because this company is a deceitful extortion racket masquerading as a "reputation firm".

I called their number 800-758-9012 to give them a piece of my mind. I looked them up and saw that Gary Bloom is a primary participant in the criminal-like activity. is nothing but a couple SCAMMERS operating a Scam- Rip-Off. Charge your credit card back if you remove your mugshot, it's illegal for them to place it back online, this is how you can defeat them!


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