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Posted on Sunday, March 10th, 2013 at 3:39am CDT by Kinny L.

Company: home depot GE water heater

Location: US

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My family bought the GE 38gallon water heater from home depot. After

about one year and two weeks, the water heater was not hot anymore. Like most people, Im not an expert nor do I have any knowledge about water heater or how it works at all; So I did the usual. Which was taking my reciept back to Home Depot for a water heater warranty; as stated on the label for multiple years. When I got to Home Depot, it was 11:25am PST. Home Depot personel was great by helping me call the

GE Customer Service. After standing at the counter of Home Depot and using their phone, I was on hold for an exact 43 minutes and I finally got through to the other phone line. Personal and Product Info was given to the GE customer service. I was told to call a local plumbing company and see if they have the "Pilot" Ignitor on hand, they did not. So I called back again and they said they will mail me one overnight. it will take two days i was told; because at the time it was past 3pm EST and they were closed.

We were without hot water for three days and two nights. My wife was pregnant and it was in the middle of winter. I was very disatified so i asked to speak with GE manager for a possbility of the whole heater unit exchange - He denied my request although I had explained the special circumstance of my family's situation. I booked a hotel so my wife can shower in warm/hot water.

On the third day the product had not arrived So i decided to take matters in my own hand and went out to buy another water heater that was not a GE product. My uncle was able to install it for me. Finally the "pilot" part came on the fourth day which was of no use to me anymore.

All and all, the bottom line is GE has very bad product. Bad customer service, and the manager does not give a crap about your personal situation. I would say very POOR customer service.

I can assure you that my family and my friends all know about my Water Heater Experience and that they are informed.

Check the reviews for yourself and think about what you want to install in your home. HOME = FAMILY - Do you want the best for your family?

Thanks for reading about my complaint.



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