PGPERSONALTRAINING - Pete Griggs- the Best Scam Artist London has Ever Seen

Posted on Saturday, March 9th, 2013 at 12:37am CST by David Ferina



Location: PG Personal Training 63 Alma Road Carshalton SM5 2PQ


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When I joined the sessions with Pete Griggs, I was really enthusiastic after looking at his website. I always wanted to be fit enough to take up any physical challenge, but my schedule was never suited. I thought cycling would be fun. Moreover, Pete suggested I should work on core strength. What a joke! Cycling sessions meant stand with the cycle to wait for him to arrive, never on time. Then try and cycle through rough terrain unfit for cycling. He never cared if I am ok, and I fell off so many times, thanks to the uneven, rough course and his negligence!!! I got bruised everywhere.

But the core strength session was absolutely stupid! He wanted me to do a squat and stay there with a heavy weight right from the beginning. I told him I had never done this, but seen others starting without weight in gyms. To which, his reply was ?then go there!? What a response! And he gave me really heavy weights to use, so naturally it was really difficult to lift them properly and I could not hold them for long. But he asked me to repeat the process. And guess what? This time he held me in position, not hearing my painful pleas to release.

End of 2nd day and I had to go to the doctor to get treated! My back was hurting and whole body had bruises everywhere. And the doctor scolded me for training without a clue about the proper way to do it and asked for an X-ray. Can you imagine what had happened? I had a minor slip disc issue in the lower part of spine, in just two days!

After a week of complete rest, I went back to ask for my money, and saw the other side of Pete. Not only he refused but threatened me directly. After a long argument, when I threatened back saying that I am going to make it public (which I am doing anyway), he was suddenly worried and decided to pay back, but only a part of the amount I paid.

This is my message to all- no matter what, please do not go to Pete Griggs; he is a horrible person with no clue about what he is doing and may even trigger physical problems with his ignorance. All his claims are baseless; he is the best ever scam artist London has seen. Just stay away!!

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2324ee87, 2013-03-10, 08:00PM CDT

Sounds like he may have been too tough a trainer for you. Also sounds like you are someone who complained when expected to work hard. When you hire a trainer you are paying them to get you into shape. If you whine that you saw someone else doing a squat without having to hold a weight it sounds like you are the kind of client that no trainer wants. Complaining about soreness is crazy. Did you think that doing something new, especially when you are out of shape, wouldn't cause you discomfort or soreness? It's a fact of life. What you've said about the trainer may open you up to charges of slander. Good luck.

Bad Boy, 2013-06-09, 05:26PM CDT

Personal trainers tailor training according to your abilities. If he cannot see you cycling up a rough terrain, then he wont make you do it. He knows you better than you know yourself it seems. You have to stop being Prince Adam and start being He Man, or you have to think about Eye of the Tiger while you hold the Sword of Omens. What did Rocky do when he got knocked out by Clubber Lang in Rocky 3? Then his personal trainer pushed him to train hard? He didnt come here and complain his trainer is a scam artist or he has a bruise on his nose, he trained harder and smashed Clubber Lang. Personal tainers are not there to hold your hand and tell you everything will be ok then give you a kiss and a hug, they want you to be your best because you are paying them.

The BadBoy

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